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Unit 57. We're Closed Tomorrow.

Tones in New and Old Information

Unit 57; Part A

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
In conversation, we often refer back to something we said before.This is 'old' information, and the voice normally goes up at the end.We also tell the listener things we haven't mentioned before. This is'new' information, and the voice normally goes down at the end.

Listen.In conversation 1 below, the voice goes up at the end, becausethe last word 'tomorrow' has already been mentioned. In conversation 2,the voice goes down, because the last word 'tomorrow' not beenmentioned.

              1    A:    I'll come in tomorrow.
                    B:    We're dosed tomorrow.
              2    A:    When are you closed?
                    B:    We're dosed tomorrow.

Listen to this example. They are talking about buying a television.Notice how the voice goes up on the words in black. This is becausethese are words which have been mentioned before, so they are oldinformation.

Unit 57; Part B

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
When we are referring to something before in the conversation, we don'thave to repeat exactly the same words. In this conversation, the voicegoes up on 'from there' because in this context it means 'Cairo', so itis something which has been mentioned before.

          A: I'm from Cairo.
          B: Really? My wife's from there.



flag.jpgRead the short conversations. Do you think the voice goes up or downat the end? Draw lines in the boxes. Then listen, check and repeat.
Key.1. ↓
2. ↓
3. ↑
4. ↓


flag.jpgThe responses to the pairs of sentences a and b below are the same, but the speaker uses a different tone in each response. For example, in the response to Example a, the voice goes up at the end of the sentence, but in the response to Example b, the voice goes down. Draw lines to show if you think the voice will go up or down. Then listen and check.
Key.1a ↑; 1b ↓
2a ↓; 2b ↑
3a ↑; 3b ↓
4a ↑; 4b ↓
5a ↓; 5b ↑
6a ↑; 6b ↓
7a ↓; 7b ↑



-   The train's cheap.
-   The bus was cheaper. 

-  Why did you take the bus?
-  The bus was cheaper.



-   Was the movie good?
-   The book was better.
-   What time's lunch?
-   Lunch is at two.
-   I'd like a leather one.
-   Тhеу'rе all leather. 



-  Why did you read the book?
-  The book was better.
-  Let's go swimming at two.
-  Lunch is at two.
-  Why are they so expensive?
-  They're all leather.





-   Let's go tomorrow.
-   It's closed tomorrow.
-   Where's menswear?
-   Menswear is upstairs.
-   The fish is expensive.
-   The steak's more expensive.
-   What happens if one of them breaks?   
-   They all have a guarantee.




-  When is it closed?
-  It's closed tomorrow.
-  What's upstairs?
-  Menswear is upstairs.
-  Why didn't you have steak?
-  The steak's more expensive.
-  This one has a guarantee.
-  They all have a guarantee.


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