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Unit 58. Oh, Really?


Continuing or Finishing Tones

Unit 58; Part A

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
When we are telling someone a piece of news, we often check thatthey know the background to the story first. When we do this, the voicegoes up at the end. Then, when we finally tell the news, the voice goesdown at the end. This shows that we have finished the story.

Listen and compare A's first question in these two conversations. In 1,he is checking that В knows about Max's grandfather's death, so thevoice goes up. In 2, he is telling В the news that Max's grandfatherdied, so the voice goes down.
             1    A:    You know Max's grandfather died? ↑   
                   B:    Yes. 
                   A:    Well, he's left all his money to charity. 
             2    A:    You know Max's grandfather died?
                   B:    Oh.
                   A:    Yeah, terrible, isn't it?

Unit 58; Part B

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
Listeners also signal if they expect the story to continue or not.In conversation 1 above, B's voice goes up at the end when she says Yes, This shows that she expects A to continue. In conversation 2, B's voice goes down at the end when she says Oh. This shows that she knows A has finished telling her the news. There are more examples in the conversation below. Listen.
note.jpgNote:In B's last line, her voice goes down, but it starts from very high.This shows that she did not expect this news; she is surprised.  

Unit 58; Part C

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
If we are saying a list of things, our voice goes down at the end ofthe last thing to show we have finished. On the other things, the voicegoes up to show the list is not finished. Listen to the continuation ofthe conversation from В above, and notice A's pronunciation of the listof things stolen.

      B:   Did they steal anything?
      A:  Yes, they took his computer, television, video, CD player and all his CDs.
      B:  Oh, that's terrible!



flag.jpgListen to these sentences. If they are said as news , write Oh. If they are said as check questions , write Yes.
Key.1. Yes
2. Oh
3. Oh
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. Oh

      You know Bradford won?  Oh  
      You know Sylvia's had a baby?   Yes  
1    You know I'm a photographer? 
2    You know Danny's got flu?      
3    You know she's gone?     
4    You know he broke his arm?
5    You know the war's finished?      
6    You know the meeting is cancelled? 
flag.jpgYou will hear a story. The speaker on the recording will ask questionsto check that you know some background information, which is in thetext below.
Key.A: Do you remember Colin?
You: Yes / Uh huh / Mmm.
A: And you know his sister Linda?
You: Yes / Uh huh / Mmm.
A: Well, you know she's an actress?
You: Yes / Uh huh / Mmm.
A: And you know she's worked in a few movies?
You: Yes / Uh huh / Mmm.
A: And you know she was making another movie in Australia?
You: Yes / Uh huh / Mmm.
A: Well, a spider bit her and she's very sick!
You: Oh, that's terrible!
A: Yeah, it's terrible, isn't it!

Say Yes, Uh huh or Mmm... with your voice going up at the end. Then, when finally you hear the news, respond with one of these sentences:
    Ноw fantastic!
    That's great!
    Oh, that's terrible!
flag.jpgRead these conversations. Write (!) after really if you think Вwould be surprised at A's news, and just write (.) if you think В wouldnot be surprised. Then listen and check. You know if В is surprisedbecause the voice starts very high.
Key.1 Oh, really!   
2 Oh, really.   
3 Oh, really!   
4 Oh, really.

      A: There's a lot of water in the sea.
      B: Oh, really 

1    A: My husband is an astronaut.
      B: Oh, really
2    A: My bike has two wheels.
      B: Oh, really 
3    A: My grandmother is 130.
      B: Oh, really    
4    A: There's a programme on TV tonight.
      B: Oh, really 
flag.jpgWhat did you do yesterday? Answer this question by giving a list ofyour actions. Make sure your voice goes up at the end of each actionuntil the last one, then your voice goes down. Record yourself ifpossible
       Well, I got up, had breakfast, went to work ... and finally, I went to bed.
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