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Unit 3. Finding out about Pronunciation.


Unit 3; Part A

Many dictionaries represent pronunciation using the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), or a similar system.
Pronunciation dictionaries usually include more words than generaldictionaries and so can be particularly useful for finding out how topronounce place names, family names, brand names and technical terms.They also give more information about variation in pronunciation.



flag.jpgUnderline the syllable in these words and compounds which you think has main stress. Check your answers in a dictionary.
Key.1 tortuous;  2    methylated spirits;  6 flabbergasted;  7 symbiosis;  5 subterranean;  6 decompression chamber;  7 pistachio;  8 glitterati;  9 debutante;  10 repetitive strain injury;  11 rotisserie;  12 idiolect
1    tortuous
2    methylated spirits        
3    fabbergasted
4    symbiosis
5    subterranean
6    decompression chamber       
7    pistachio
8    glitterati
9      debutante
10    repetitive strain injury
11    rotisserie
12    idiolect

Which of these are you not sure how to pronounce? Use the pronunciation given i n you r dictionary to try to work out how to say them.You can hear the words pronounced on the recording. 

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