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Key. Unit 1 Exercise 1.

Speaker 1
I don't get a lot of time to myselfthese days, but if I have a couple of hours to spare then I go down tothe tennis club. I've just joined a tennis club near me and we've movedto a new house and er the tennis courts are right outside the back ofmy garden, so I just literally walk down and go through the gate andspend a couple of hours knocking balls about.
Speaker 2 (United States)
When I've got some free time I like to read. Usually I avoid the latestfiction and look for novels or novelists that I've always known aboutand wanted to read. But occasionally I just stroll through a bookshopand sometimes it's just the cover of a book that makes me grab it andtake it home.
Speaker 3 (Canada)
When I've got spare time I like to go to the lake. It's about a twentyminute drive and when I get there I go water skiing. I just love waterskiing when the weather's good. And afterward if I've got enoughenergy, I pick Saskatoon berries on the lane behind the cabin. Andlater on in the week I make some pies.
Speaker 4 (Australia)
My favourite thing to do on a sunny day is to go to the beach. It takesabout an hour from my house. I have to get the train and a bus, butit's worth it. Lots of my friends live near the beach, so it's alwaysthe perfect way to catch up and enjoy the sunshine.
Speaker 5 (South Afica)
One of my favourite things to do when I've got a bit of spare time isto go fishing with my friends. Er we get a bit of tackle together, thefishing rods, pile it all into the back of a four-by-four and we headup into the mountains. There's some wonderful streams up there, wellstocked with trout, and carp, and bream. We normally take a bit of apicnic up, you know, some bread rolls, and some ham and cheese, andit's just a nice day out.