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Unit 4. Finding out about Pronunciation (2).

Online Resources

Unit 4; Part A

There are many sites on the internet where you can listen to accents ofEnglish from around the world, find examples of particular styles ofspeech, or find out how words are pronounced.
You can listen to examples of British regional accents.
A number of sites allow you to listen to samples of particular styles of speech.
Some online dictionaries show the pronunciation of words using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) or some other system.
If you have a specialist area of interest or study, you may be able to find websites to help you
pronounce terminology.



flag.jpgVisit the websites of two English-language internet radio stations fromdifferent countries. Find one recent news story that you are familiarwith that is reported on both stations and listen carefully to thebroadcast on the first radio station. Write down a few of the key wordsyou hear. Now listen in detail to the story on the second radio stationand notice whether these key words are pronounced in the same or adifferent way. What differences do you notice?
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