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Unit 56. Lima - as I'm Sure You Know - is the Capital of Peru.

Pronunciation of Inserts

Unit 56; Part A

In writing we sometimes put dashes or brackets before and afer wordsthat add information to a sentence but could be left out. Here we willcall these inserts.
For example:
            The impact on the region - in environmental terms - will be enormous.
            When the time for action comes (as it surely will), we will be ready.

In prepared speech, these inserts are often said in a separate speechunit, with a pause on either side and with a fall-rising tone:

           The main aim of this lecture// as I said EARlier↓↑ //
           is to discuss the causes of the First World War.

           The new camera in our product range// to be aVAIlable in sepTEMber
↓↑ //
           will be aimed at the professional photographer.


Unit 56; Part B

Listen to these examples from lectures, business presentations and speeches. They show some of the main uses of inserts:
  • saying how the talk is organised
    The figures I've presented so far - and will go ON to present
    ↓↑ - show that the company is in a strong financial position.
  • giving examples
    Some of our major exports - COFfee for example
    ↓↑ - would be hit badly by climate change.
  • limiting what you are saying
    Learning about pronunciation - in particular ENglish pronunciation
    ↓↑ - can he a difficult job.
  • giving more detail
    Professor David Camphell - the FAmous hiSTOrian ↓↑ - will be giving next week's lecture.
  • giving your opinion
    Lima - as I'm SURE you KNOW ↓↑ - is the capital of Peru.

Notice that there is more variety in the pronunciation of longer inserts:

      If a complaint is made - and there is no CERtainty at the MOment ↓↑ that this WILL be the case ↓↑ - we will take it seriously.



flag.jpgHere are some extracts from lectures. Put // before and after thesection you think will be presented as an insert, and underline thesyllable where the fall-rising tone is most likely to start.
Example: There were three larger pyramids // which I'll come back to later // built in Giza at the beginning of the Old Kingdom.
1    In a number of countries New Zealand for instance attempts are being made to harness geothermal energy.
2    The city of Chester originally a Roman settlement was a majormilitary stronghold by the time of the English Civil War in the 17thcentury.
3    At the top of the hill are the Three Witches as they used to be called which is a curious rock formation.
4    A large group of protestors nearly three thousand were in the audience when the president began his last speech.
5    Gregor's final novel by far his most entertaining was written when he was in his nineties.

Now listen to the recording and check your answers. Then say theextracts aloud, making sure you pronounce the insert as a separatespeech unit with a fall-rising tone.
flag.jpgChoose an insert from the box to add to each of these extracts froma business presentation and indicate its appropriate position with aline (/).
Key.Prominent syllables in the inserts are in capital letters.
1 Karl Huzel - from our GERman SISter company - will be talking to us afer my presentation.
2 The countries of the European Union - with the exCEPtion of FRANCE -have all approved the new regulations on working conditions.
3 Our latest model - the Dc6 - was released in April this year.
4 The new research and development unit - to be BASED in DUBlin — will be opened later this year.
with the exception of France       as you can see from this graph       
to be based in Dublin       from our German sister company       the DC6

                                   as you can see from this graph
Our Malaysian subsidiary / has increased sales enormously over the last year.

1    Karl Huzel will be talking to us after my presentation.

2    The countries of the European Union have all approved the new regulations on working conditions.

3    Our latest model was released in April this year.

4    The new research and development unit will be opened later this year.

Now say the extracts aloud using a fall-rising tone for the inserts. Then listen and check your answers.

Follow up:Imagine that you are going to give a formal talk about a subject thatinterests you or that you study. Write down three pieces of informationyou might present, and then add extra information to each in the formof an insert. Say the sentences aloud, if possible recording them andchecking the inserts.

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