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Unit 10. Present perfect continuous and simple (I have been doing and I have done).

Unit 10; Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:
galka.jpgCompare these examples:
•   My hands are very dirty. I've been repairing the car.
   The car is OK again now. I've repaired it.
•   Joe has been eating too much recently.  He should eat less.
   Somebody has eaten all my chocolates.  The box is empty.
    It's nice to see you again. What have you been doing since we last met? 
•    Where's the book I gave you? What have you done with it?
    Where have you been? Have you been playing tennis?
•    Have you ever played tennis?

Unit 10; Part B

We use the continuous to say how long (for an activity that is still happening): We use the simple to say how much, how many or how many times (for completed actions):  
•     How long have you been reading that book?
•     How much of that book have you read?   
•     Lisa is still writing letters. She's been writing letters all day.
•     Lisa has written ten letters today.   
•     They've been playing tennis since 2 o'clock
•     They've played tennis three times this week. 
•     I'm learning Spanish, but I haven't been learning it very long.  
•     I'm learning Spanish, but I haven't learnt very much yet.  

Unit 10; Part C

galka.jpgSome verbs (for example, know/like/believe) are not normally used in the continuous: 
•      I've known about it for a long time,  (not I've been knowing)

For a list of these verbs
, see Unit 4A. But note that you can use want and mean in the present perfect continuous:
•      I've been meaning to phone Jane, but I keep forgetting.


flag.jpgFor each situation, write two sentences using the words in brackets.
Key.2   She's been travelling for three months. / She has been travelling ...
She's visited six countries so far. / She has visited ...
3    He's won the national championships four times. / He has won ...
He's been playing tennis since he was ten. / He has been playing ...
4    They've made five films since they left college. / They have made ...
They've been making films since they left college. / They have been making ...

1    Tom started reading a book two hours ago. He is still reading it and now he is on page 53.
      (read / for two hours)      He has been reading for two hours. 
      (read / 55 pages so far)    He has read 53 pages so far.  
2    Rachel is from Australia. She is travelling round Europe at the moment. She began her trip three months ago.
      (travel / for three months)  She _______________________________
      (visit / six countries so far) _______________________________
3   Patrick is a tennis player. He began playing tennis when he was tenyears old. This year he is national champion again - for the fourthtime.
      (win / the national championships / four times) _______________________________
      (play / tennis since he was ten) _______________________________
4    When they left college, Lisa and Sue started making films together. They still make films.
      (make / five films since they left college)  They _______________________________
      (make / films since they left college) _______________________________
flag.jpgFor each situation, ask a question using the words in brackets.
Key.2 Have you been waiting long?
3 Have you caught any fish?
4 How many people have you invited?
5 How long have you been teaching?
6 How many books have you written?
   How long have you been writing books?
7 How long have you been saving?
   How much money have you saved?

1    You have a friend who is learning Arabic. You ask:
      (how long / learn / Arabic?)      How long have you been learning Arabic?     
2    You have just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you. You ask:
      (wait/ long?)  Have _______________________________________
3    You see somebody fishing by the river. You ask:
      (catch / any fish?) _______________________________________
4    Some friends of yours are having a party next week. You ask:
      (how many people / invite?) _______________________________________     
5    A friend of yours is a teacher. You ask:
      (how long / teach?) _______________________________________
6    You meet somebody who is a writer.  You ask:
      (how many books / write?) _______________________________________
      (how long / write / books?) _______________________________________
7    A friend of yours is saving money to go on holiday. You ask:
     (how long / save?) _______________________________________
     (how much money / save?) _______________________________________
flag.jpgPut the verb into the more suitable form, present perfect simple (I have done) or continuous (I have been doing).
Key.2    Somebody's broken / Somebody has broken
3    Have you been working
4    Have you ever worked
5    has she gone
6    He's appeared / He has appeared
7    I haven't been waiting
8    it's stopped / it has stopped
9    I've lost / I have lost ... Have you seen
10  I've been reading /I have been reading ... I haven't finished
11  I've read /I have read

1    Where have you been?    Have you been playing    (you / play) tennis?
2    Look! ____________________ (somebody / break) that window.
3    You look tired ____________________ (you / work) hard?
4    '____________________ (you / ever / work) in a factory?'    'No, never.'
5    'Liz is away on holiday.'    'Is she? Where ____________________ (she / go)?
6    My brother is an actor. ____________________ (he / appear) in several films.
7    'Sorry l'm late.'    'That's all right ____________________ (I / not / wait) long.'
8    'Is it still raining?'    'No, ____________________ (it/ stop).'
9    ____________________ (I / lose) my address book ____________________ (you / see) it?
10 ____________________ (I / read) the book you lent me, but____________________ (I / not / finish) it yet. It's very interesting.
11   ____________________ (I / read) the book you lent me, so you can have it back now.

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