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Unit 21. Will / shall 1.

Unit 21; Part A

galka.jpgWe use I'll (= I will) when we decide to do something at the time of speaking:

    Oh, I've left the door open. I'll go and shut it.
•    'What would you like to drink?'    'I'll have an orange juice, please.'
•    'Did you phone Lucy?'    'Oh no, I forgot. I'll phone her now.'

You cannot use the present simple
(I do / I go etc.) in these sentences:
•    I'll go and shut the door.  (not I go and shut)

We often use I think I'll ... and I don't think I'll ...

    I feel a bit hungry. I think I'll have something to eat.
•    I don't think I'll go out tonight. I'm too tired.

In spoken English the negative of will is usually won't
(= will not):
    I can see you're busy, so I won't stay long.

Unit 21; Part B

galka.jpgDo not use will to talk about what you have already decided or arranged to do (see Unit 19 and Unit 20):

    I'm going on holiday next Saturday. 
(not I'll go)
    Are you working tomorrow?  (not Will you work)

Unit 21; Part C

galka.jpgWe often use will in these situations:
Offering to do something
•    That bag looks heavy. I'll help you with it.  (not I help)

Agreeing to do something

•     A: Can you give Tim this book?
       B: Sure, I'll give it to him when I see him this afternoon.

Promising to do something

•    Thanks for lending me the money. I'll pay you back on Friday.
•    I won't tell anyone what happened. I promise.

Asking somebody to do something (Will you ... ?)
•  Will you please turn the stereo down? I'm trying to concentrate.

You can use won't to say that somebody refuses to do something

    I've tried to give her advice, but she won't listen.
    The car won't start. 
(= the car 'refuses' to start)

Unit 21; Part D

Shall I ... ?    Shall we ... ?
Shall is used mostly in the questions shall I ... ? / shall we ... ?
We use shall I ... ? / shall we ... ? to ask somebody's opinion
(especially in offers or suggestions):
    Shall I open the window?  (= Do you want me to open the window?)
•    I've got no money. What shall I do?  (= What do you suggest?)
    'Shall we go?'    'Just a minute. I'm not ready yet.'
    Where shall we go this evening?

Compare shall I ... ? and will you ... ?:

    Shall I shut the door?  (= Do you want me to shut it?)
•    Will you shut the door?  (= I want you to shut it)


flag.jpgComplete the sentences with I'll + a suitable verb.
Key.2    I'll turn / I'll switch / I'll put
3    I'll go
4    I'll do
5    I'll show / I'll teach
6    I'll have
7    I'll send
8    I'll give /'I'll bring
9    I'll stay / I'll wait

1    I"m too tired to walk home. I think   I'll take   a taxi.
2    'It's cold in this room.'    'Is it? ______________ on the heating then.'
3    A: We haven't got any milk.
      B: Oh, I forgot to buy some. ______________ and get some now.
4    'Shall I do the washing-up?'    'No. it's all right. ______________ it later.'
5    I don't know how to use this computer.'    'OK, ______________ you.'
6    'Would you like tea or coffee?'   '______________ coffee, please.'
7    'Goodbye! Have a nice holiday.'    'Thanks. ______________ you a postcard.'
8    Thanks for letting me borrow your camera. ______________ it back to you on Monday, OK?
9    'Are you coming with us?'    'No, I think ______________ here.'
flag.jpgRead the situations and write sentences with I think I'll ... or I don't think I'll ...
Key.2    I'll go to bed.
3    I think I'll walk.
4    I'll play tennis (today).
5    I don't think I'll go swimming.

1    It's a bit cold. The window is open and you decide to close it.  You say:
       I think I'll close the window.             
2    You are feeling tired and it's getting late. You decide to go to bed.  You say:
      I think _________________________________
3    A friend of yours offers you a lift in his car, but you decide to walk.  You say:
      Thank you, but _________________________________
4    You arranged to play tennis today. Now you decide that you don't want to play.  You say:
      I don't think _________________________________
5    You were going to go swimming. Now you decide that you don't want to go.  You say:
flag.jpgWhich is correct? (If necessary, study Units 19-20 first.)
Key.3    I'll meet
4    I'll lend
5    I'm having
6    I won't forget
7    does your train leave
8    won't tell
9    Are you doing
10  Will you come

1    'Did you phone Lucy?'    'Oh no, I forgot. I phone / I'll phone her now.'  (I'll phone is correct)
2    I can't meet you tomorrow. I'm plaving / I'll play tennis.   (I'm playing is correct)
3    I meet / I'll meet you outside the hotel in half an hour, OK?'    'Yes, that's fine.'
4    I need some money.'    'OK. I'm lending / I'll lend you some. How much do you need?'
5    I'm having / I'll have a party next Saturday. I hope you can come.
6    'Remember to get a newspaper when you go out.'    'OK. I don't forget /I won't forget.
7    'What time does your train leave / will your train leave tomorrow?
8    I asked Sue what happened, but she doesn't tell / won't tell me.
9    'Are you doing / Will you do anything tomorrow evening?'    'No, I'm free. Why?'
10  I don't want to go out alone. Do you come / Will you come with me?
flag.jpgWhat do you say in these situations? Write sentences with shall I ... ? or shall we ... ?
Key.2    Shall I buy it?
3    What shall I give/buy/get Helen (for her birthday)?
4    Where shall we go (on holiday)?
5    Shall we go by car or (shall we) walk? / ... or (shall we go) on foot?
6    What time shall I phone (you)?

1    You and a friend want to do something this evening, but you don't know what.
      You ask your friend.   What shall we do this evening?  
2    You try on a jacket in a shop. You are not sure whether to buy it or not.
      You ask a friend for advice.                                      it?
3    It's Helen's birthday next week. You want to give her a present, but you don't know what.
      You ask a friend for advice.
4    You and a friend are going on holiday together, but you haven't decided where.
      You ask him/her.                                           
5    You and a friend are going out. You haven't decided whether to go by car or to walk.
      You ask him/her.                                      or                                     
6    Your friend wants you to phone later. You don't know what time to phone. You ask him/her.

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