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Unit 23. I will and I'm going to.

Unit 23; Part A

galka.jpgFuture actions
Study the difference between will and (be) going to:
•    'Gary phoned while you were out.'    'OK. I'll call him back.'
'Gary phoned while you were out.'    'Yes, I know. I'm going to call him back.'
•    'Ann is in hospital.'    'Oh really? I didn't know. I'll go and visit her.'
     'Ann is in hospital.'    'Yes, I know. I'm going to visit her this evening.'

Unit 23; Part B

galka.jpgFuture happenings and situations (predicting the future)
Sometimes there is not much difference between will and going to.
For example, you can say:
    I think the weather will be nice this afternoon.
    I think the weather is going to be nice this afternoon.

When we say something is going to happen, we think this is because of the situation now
(see Unit 20C). For example:
•    Look at those black clouds. It's going to rain.  (not It will rain)
     (We can see that it is going to rain from the clouds that are in the sky now.)
•    I feel terrible. I think I'm going to be sick.  (not I think I'll be sick)
     (I think I'm going to be sick because I feel terrible now.)
Do not use will in this type of situation.

In other situations, use will:

    Tom will probably get here at about 8 o'clock.
•    I think Sarah will like the present we bought for her.
    These shoes are very well-made. They'll last a long time.


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using will ('ll) or going to.
Key.2    I'll lend
3    I'll get
4    I'm going to wash
5    are you going to paint
6    I'm going to buy " 
7    I'll show
8    I'll have
9    I'll do
10  it's going to fall
11  He's going to have ... he's going to do

1    A: Why are you turning on the television?
      B:  I'm going to watch  the news.  (I / watch)
2    A: Oh, I've just realised. I haven't got any money.
      B: Haven't you? Well, don't worry. _________________ you some.  (I / lend)
3    A: I've got a headache.
      B: Have you? Wait a second and _________________ an aspirin for you.  (I / get)
4    A: Why are you filling that bucket with water?
      B: _________________ the car.  (I / wash)
5    A: I've decided to repaint this room.
      B: Oh, have you?  What colour _________________ it?  (you / paint)
6    A: Where are you going? Are you going shopping?
      B: Yes, _________________ something for dinner.  (I / buy)
7    A: I don't know how to use this camera.
      B: It's easy. _________________ you.  (I / show)
8    A: What would you like to eat?
      B: _________________ a sandwich, please.  (I / have)
9    A: Did you post that letter for me?
     B: Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. _________________ it now.  (I / do)
10  A: The ceiling in this room doesn't look very safe, does it?
     B: No, it looks as if _________________ down,  (it / fall)
11  A: Has George decided what to do when he leaves school?
     B: Yes. Everything is planned. _________________ a holiday for a fewweeks.(he / have) Then _________________ a computer programmingcourse.  (he / do)
flag.jpgRead the situations and complete the sentences using will ('ll) or going to.
Key.2    I'm going to take ... I'll join
3    you'll find
4    I'm not going to apply
5    You'll wake
6    I'll take ... we'll leave ... Liz is going to take

1    The phone rings and you answer. Somebody wants to speak to Jim.
     CALLER:   Hello. Can I speak to Jim. please?
     YOU:       Just a moment.  I'll get  him.  (I/get)
2    It's a nice day. so you have decided to take a walk. Just before you go, you tell your friend.
      YOU:       The weather's too nice to stay in. _____________ a walk.  (I / take)
     FRIEND:   Good idea.  I think _____________ you.  (I / join)
3    Your friend is worried because she has lost an important letter.
      YOU:       Don't worry about the letter.  I'm sure _____________ it.  (you / find)
     FRIEND:   I hope so.
4    There was a job advertised in the paper recently. At first you were interested, but then you decided not to apply.
     FRIEND:   Have you decided what to do about that job you were interested in?
      YOU:       Yes _____________ for it.  (I / not / apply)
5    You and a friend come home very late. Other people in the house are asleep. Your friend is noisy.
      YOU:       Shh! Don't make so much noise. _____________ everybody up.  (you / wake)
6    Paul has to go to the airport to catch a plane tomorrow morning.
      PAUL:      Liz, I need somebody to take me to the airport tomorrow morning.
     LIZ:         That's no problem. _____________ you.  (I / take)  What time is your flight?
     PAUL:      10.50.
     LIZ:         OK, _____________ at about 9 o'clock then,  (we / leave)
     Later that day, Joe offers to take Paul to the airport.
     JOE:        Paul, do you want me to take you to the airport?
     PAUL:      No thanks, Joe. _____________ me.  (Liz/take)

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