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Unit 35. Had better, It's time ...

Unit 35; Part A

galka.jpgHad better (I'd better / you'd better etc.)
I'd better do something = it is advisable to do it. If I don't do it, there will be a problem or a danger:
    I have to meet Ann in ten minutes. I'd better go now or I'll be late.
    'Shall I take an umbrella?'    'Yes, you'd better. It might rain.'
    We'd better stop for petrol soon. The tank is almost empty.

The negative is
I'd better not (= I had better not):
    'Are you going out tonight?'    'I'd better not. I've got a lot to do.'
    You don't look very well. You'd better not go to work today.

Remember that:
The form is 'had better'
(usually 'I'd better / you'd better' etc. in spoken English).
    I'd better phone Carol, hadn't I?

Had is normally past, but the meaning of had better is present or future, not past.

    I'd better go to the bank now / tomorrow.

We say 'I'd better do'
(not to do).
    It might rain. We'd better take an umbrella.  (not We'd better to take)

Unit 35; Part B

galka.jpgHad better and should
Had better is similar to should but not exactly the same. We use had better only for a specific situation (not for things in general). You can use should in all types of situations to give an opinion or give advice:

    It's late. You'd better go. / You should go(a specific situation)
    You're always at home. You should go out more often. 
(in general - not 'had better go')

Also, with had better, there is always a danger or a problem if you don't follow the advice. Should only means 'it is a good thing to do'. Compare:
    It's a great film. You should go and see it.  (but no problem if you don't)
    The film starts at 8.30. You'd better go now or you'll be late.

Unit 35; Part C

galka.jpgIt's time ...
You can say It's time (for somebody) to ... :

    It's time to go home. / It's time for us to go home.

But you can also say:

    It's late. It's time we went home.

Here we use the past (went), but the meaning is present, not past:

    It's 10 o'clock and he's still in bed. It's time he got up.  (not It's time he gets up)

It's time you did something = you should have already done it or started it. We often use this structure to criticise or to complain:

    It's time the children were in bed. It's long after their bedtime.
    You're very selfish. It's time you realised that you're not the most important person in the world.

You can also say It's about time .... This makes the criticism stronger:

    Jack is a great talker. But it's about time he did something instead of just talking.


flag.jpgRead the situations and write sentences with had better or had better not. Use the words in brackets.
Key.2    You'd better put a plaster on it.
3    We'd better reserve a table.
4    You'd better not go to work.
5    I'd better pay the phone bill (soon).
6    I'd better not go out (yet).
7    We'd better take/get a taxi.

1    You're going out for a walk with Tom. It looks as if it might rain. You say to Tom:
      (an umbrella)     We'd better take an umbrella.    
2    Michael has just cut himself. It's a bad cut. You say to him:
      (a plaster) ________________________________
3    You and Kate plan to go to a restaurant this evening. It's a popular restaurant. You say to Kate:
      (reserve)  We ________________________________
4    Jill doesn't look very well - not well enough to go to work. You say to her:
      (work) ________________________________
5    You received the phone bill four weeks ago, but you haven't paid it yet. If you don't pay soon, you could be in trouble.
      You say to yourself: (pay) ________________________________
6    You want to go out, but you're expecting an important phone call. You say to your friend:
      (go out)  I ________________________________
7    You and Liz are going to the theatre. You've missed the bus and you don't want to be late.
      You say to Liz:  (a taxi) ________________________________
flag.jpgPut in had better where suitable. If had better is not suitable, use should.
Key.3    'd better
4    should
5    should
6    'd better
7    should
8    should

1    I have an appointment in ten minutes. I   'd better   go now or I'll be late.
2    It's a great film. You   should   go and see it. You'll really like it.
3    I ________ get up early tomorrow. I've got a lot to do.
4    When people are driving, they ________ keep their eyes on the road.
5    I'm glad you came to see us. You ________ come more often.
6    She'll be upset if we don't invite her to the wedding, so we ________ invite her.
7    These biscuits are delicious. You ________ try one.
8    I think everybody ________ learn a foreign language.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Sometimes you need only one word, sometimes two.
Key.1 b   'd/had
   с   close/shut
   d   hadn't
2 a   did
   b   was done
   с    thought

1    a   I need some money. I'd better    go    to the bank.
      b    John is expecting you to phone him. You ___________ better phone him now.
      с    'Shall I leave the window open?'   'No, you'd better ___________ it.'
      d    We'd better leave as soon as possible, ___________ we?
2    a    It's time the government ___________ something about the problem.
      b    It's time something ___________ about the problem.
      с   I think it's about time you ___________ about other people instead of only thinking about yourself.
flag.jpgRead the situations and write sentences with It's time (somebody did something).
Key.2 It's time I had a holiday.
3 It's time the train left.
4 It's time I/we had a party.
5 It's time some changes were made.
6 It's time he tried something else.

1    You think the children should be in bed. It's already 11 o'clock.
      It's time the were in bed.          
2    You haven't had a holiday for a very long time. You need one now.
      It's time I ___________________________
3    You're sitting on a train waiting for it to leave the station. It's already five minutes late.
4    You enjoy having parties. You haven't had one for a long time.
5    The company you work for has been badly managed for a long time. You think some changes should be made.
6    Andrew has been doing the same job for the last ten years. He should try something else.

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