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Unit 40. If I had known ... I wish I had known ...

Unit 40; Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:
Last month Gary was in hospital for a few days. Rachel didn't knowthis, so she didn't go to visit him. They met a few days ago. Rachelsaid:

If I had known you were in hospital, I would have gone to see you.

Rachel said: If I had known you were in hospital .... This tells us that she didn't know he was in hospital.

We use if + had ('d) ... to talk about the past
(if I had known/been/done etc.):
    I didn't see you when you passed me in the street. If I'd seen you, of course I would have said hello.  (but I didn't see you)
    I decided to stay at home last night. I would have gone out if I hadn't been so tired. (but I was tired)
    If he had been looking where he was going, he wouldn't have walked into the wall. (but he wasn't looking)
•    The view was wonderful. If I'd had a camera with me, I would have taken some photographs.  (but I didn't have a camera)


•    I'm not hungry. If I was hungry, I would eat something.  (now)
    I wasn't hungry. If I had been hungry, I would have eaten something. 

Unit 40; Part B

galka.jpgDo not use would in the if-part of the sentence. We use would in the other part of the sentence:

If I had seen you, I would have said hello.
(not If I would have seen you)

Note that 'd can be would or had:

    If I'd seen you,    (I'd seen = I had seen)
      I'd have said hello.
    (I'd have said = I would have said)

Unit 40; Part C

galka.jpgWe use had (done) in the same way after wish. I wish something had happened = I am sorry that it didn't happen:

    I wish I'd known that Gary was ill. I would have gone to see him. 
(but I didn't know)
    I feel sick. I wish I hadn't eaten so much cake. 
(I ate too much cake)
    Do you wish you had studied science instead of languages?
  (you didn't study science)

Do not use would have ... after wish:
    The weather was cold while we were away. I wish it had been warmer. 
(not I wish it would have been)

Unit 40; Part D

galka.jpgCompare would (do) and would have (done):

    If I had gone to the party last night, I would be tired now.
  (I am not tired now - present)
    If I had gone to the party last night, I would have met lots of people.  (I didn't meet lots of people - past)

Compare would have, could have and might have:

    If the weather hadn't been so bad,   
we would have gone out.
we could have gone out.
(= we would have been able to go out)
we might have gone out.
(= perhaps we would have gone out)


flag.jpgPut the verb into the correct form.
Key.2 If he'd missed / he had missed the train, he'd have missed / he wouldhave missed  his flight. 
3 I'd have forgotten / I would have forgotten... you hadn't reminded 
4 I'd had / I had had ... I'd have sent / Iwould have sent 
5 we'd have enjoyed / we svould have enjoyed ... theweather had been 
6 It would have been ... I'd walked /I had walked 
7I were / I was 
8 I'd been / I had been

1    I didn't know you were in hospital. If    I'd known    (I / know),   I would have gone  (I / go)
      to see you.
2    Sam got to the station just in time to catch the train to the airport. If ________________ (he / miss)
      the train, ________________ (he / miss) his flight.
3    I'm glad that you reminded me about Amanda's birthday. ________________ (I / forget)
      if ________________ (you / not / remind) me.
4    Unfortunately I forgot my address book when I went on holiday.
      If ________________ (I / have) your address, ________________ (I / send) you a postcard.
5    A: How was your holiday? Did you have a nice time?
      B: It was OK. but ________________ (we / enjoy) it more if ________________ (the weather / be) nicer.
6    I rook a taxi to the hotel, but the traffic was bad. ________________ (it / be)
      quicker if ________________ (I / walk).
7    I'm not tired. If ________________ (I / be) tired, I'd go home now.
8    I wasn't tired last night. If ________________ (I / be) tired, I would have gone home earlier.
flag.jpgFor each situation, write a sentence beginning with If.
Key.2    If the road hadn't been icy, the accident wouldn't have happened.
3    If I'd known / If I had known (that Joe'had to get up early), I'd have woken / I would have woken  him up.
4    If Jane hadn't lent me the money, I wouldn't have been able to buy the car. or  ... I couldn't have bought the car.
5    If Karen hadn't been wearing a seat belt, she'd have been injured / she would have been injured (in the crash).
6    If you'd had / If you had had (some) breakfast, you wouldn't be hungry now.
7    If I'd had / If I had had (some) money, I'd have got / I would have got  a taxi.

1    I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat anything.
      If I had been hungry, I would have eaten something.   
2    The accident happened because the road was icy.
      If the road _________________________________
3    I didn't know that Joe had to get up early, so I didn't wake him up.
      If I _________________________________
4    I was able to buy the car only because Jane lent me the money.
5    Karen wasn't injured in the crash because she was wearing a seat belt.
6    You didn't have any breakfast - that's why you're hungry now.
7    I didn't get a taxi because I didn't have any money.

flag.jpgImagine that you are in these situations. For each situation, write a sentence with I wish.
Key.2 I wish I'd applied / I wish I had applied for it. or ... for the job.
3 I wish I'd learned / I wish I had learned to play a musical instrument (when I was younger).
4 I wish I hadn't painted it red. or  ... the gate red.
5 I wish I'd brought / I wish I had brought my camera.
6 I wish they'd phoned / I wish they had phoned  first (to say theywere coming).  or I wish I'd known / I wish I had known they werecoming.

1    You've eaten too much and now you feel sick.
      You say:  I wish I hadn't eaten so much.   
2    There was a job advertised in the newspaper. You decided not to apply for it. Now you think that your decision was wrong.
      You say:  I wish I ____________________________
3    When you were younger, you never learned to play a musical instrument. Now you regret this.
      You say: ____________________________
4    You've painted the gate red. Now you think that red was the wrong colour.
      You say: ____________________________
5    You are walking in the country. You'd like to take some photographs, but you didn't bring your camera.
      You say: ____________________________
6    You have some unexpected guests. They didn't phone first to saythey were coming. You are very busy and you are not prepared for them.
      You say (to yourself): ____________________________

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