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Unit 43. Passive 2 (be done / been done / being done).

Unit 43; Part A

galka.jpgStudy the following active and passive forms:
    The situation is serious. Something must be done before it's too late.
    A mystery is something that can't be explained.
    The music was very loud and could be heard from a long way away.
    A new supermarket is going to be built next year.
    Please go away. I want to be left alone.

Unit 43; Part B

galka.jpgPerfect infinitive
    I haven't received the letter yet. It might have been sent to the wrong address.
    If you hadn't left the car unlocked, it wouldn't have been stolen.
    There were some problems at first, but they seem to have been solved.

Unit 43; Part C

galka.jpgPresent perfect
    Have you heard? The concert has been cancelled.
    Have you ever been bitten by a dog?
    'Are you going to the party?'    'No, I haven't been invited.'

Past perfect
    The vegetables didn't taste very good. They had been cooked too long.
    The car was three years old but hadn't been used very much.

Unit 43; Part D

galka.jpgPresent continuous
    There's somebody walking behind us. I think we are being followed.
    (in a shop)  'Can I help you?'    'No, thank you. I'm being served.'

Past continuous
    There was somebody walking behind us. We were being followed.


flag.jpgWhat do these words mean? Use it can ... or it can't ... . Use a dictionary if necessary.
Key.2    it can't be broken
3    it can be eaten
4    it can't be used
5    it can't be seen
6    it can be carried

If something is
1  washable,   it can be washed  .          
2  unbreakable, it ________________.
3  edible, ________________.
4  unusable, ________________.
5  invisible, ________________.
6  portable, ________________.
flag.jpgComplete these sentences with the following verbs (in the correct form):
Key.3    be made
4    be spent
5    have been repaired
6    be carried
7    have been caused
8    be woken up
9    have been arrested

arrest       carry       cause       do      make       repair       send      spend        wake up
Sometimes you need have (might have, should have etc.).
1    The situation is serious. Something must    be done    before it's too late.
2    I haven't received the letter. It might    have been sent   to the wrong address.
3    A decision will not _______________ until the next meeting.
4    Do you think that more money should _______________ on education?
5    This road is in very bad condition. It should _______________ a long time ago.
6    The injured man couldn't walk and had to _______________.
7    It's not certain how the fire started, but it might _______________ by an electrical fault.
8    I told the hotel receptionist I wanted to _______________ at 6.30 the next morning.
9    If you hadn't pushed the policeman, you wouldn't _______________.
flag.jpgRewrite these sentences. Instead of using somebody or they etc., write a passive sentence.
Key.2    The meeting has been postponed.
3    The computer is being used at the moment.
4    I didn't realise that our conversation was being recorded.
5    ... we found that the game had been cancelled.
6    A new ring road is being built round the city.
7    A new hospital has been built near the airport.

1    Somebody has cleaned the room.
         The room has been cleaned.   
2    They have postponed the meeting. 
      The __________________________
3    Somebody is using the computer at the moment.
     The computer __________________________
4    I didn't realise that somebody was recording our conversation.
     I didn't realise that __________________________
5    When we got to the stadium, we found that they had cancelled the game.
     When we got to the stadium, we found that __________________________
6    They are building a new ring road round the city.
7    They have built a new hospital near the airport.
flag.jpgMake sentences from the words in brackets. Sometimes the verb is active, sometimes passive.
Key.3    It's been stolen! / It has been stolen!
4    Somebody has taken it.    or ... taken my umbrella.
5    He's been promoted. / He has been promoted.
6    It's being redecorated. / It is being redecorated.
7    It's working again. / It is working again. ... It's been repaired. / It has been repaired.
8    The furniture had been moved.
9    He hasn't been seen since then.
10  I haven't seen her for ages.
11  Have you ever been mugged?

1    There's somebody behind us.  (I think / we / follow)
      I think we're being followed.     
2    This room looks different.  (you / paint / the walls?)
      Have you painted the walls?      
3    My car has disappeared. (it / steal!)
      It ___________________________
4    My umbrella has disappeared.  (somebody / take)
      Somebody ___________________________
5    Sam gets a higher salary now.  (he / promote) 
      He ___________________________
6    Ann can't use her office at the moment.  (it / redecorate) 
      It ___________________________
7    The photocopier broke down yesterday, but now it's OK.  (it / work / again ; it / repair)
     It ___________________________ It ___________________________
8    When I went into the room, I saw that the table and chairs were not in the same place. (the furniture / move)
      The ___________________________
9    The man next door disappeared six months ago.  (he / not / see / since then)
     He ___________________________
10  I wonder how Jane is these days.  (I / not / see / for ages)
      I ___________________________
11  A friend of mine was mugged on his way home a few nights ago.  (you / ever / mug?)

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