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Unit 46. Have something done.

Unit 46; Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:
We use have something done to say that we arrange for somebody else to do something for us. Compare:
    Lisa repaired the roof.  (= she repaired it herself)
    Lisa had the roof repaired (= she arranged for somebody else to repair it)
   'Did you make those curtains yourself?'    'Yes, I enjoy making things.'
    'Did you have those curtains made?'    'No, I made them myself.'

Unit 46; Part B

galka.jpgBe careful with word order. The past participle (repaired/cut etc.) is after the object:

past participle
Lisa had    
Where did you have    
Your hair looks nice. Have you had    
Our neighbour has just had    
We are having    
How often do you have    
I think you should have    
I don't like having    

the roof   
your hair      
a garage      
the house       
your car       
that coat       
my photograph
repaired yesterday.
painted at the moment.

Unit 46; Part C

galka.jpgGet something done
You can also say 'get something done' instead of 'have something done' (mainly in informal spoken English):

    When are you going to get the roof repaired(= have the roof repaired)
    I think you should get your hair cut really short.

Unit 46; Part D

galka.jpgSometimes have something done has a different meaning. For example:

    Paul and Karen had all their money stolen while they were on holiday.

This does not mean that they arranged for somebody to steal their money. 'They had all their money stolen' means only: 'All their money was stolen from them'.

With this meaning, we use have something done to say that something happens to somebody or their belongings. Usually what happens is not nice:

    Gary had his nose broken in a fight.  (= his nose was broken)
    Have you ever had your passport stolen?


flag.jpgTick the correct sentence, (a) or (b), for each picture.
Key.1    b
2    a
3    a
4    b

flag.jpgAnswer the questions using To have something done. Choose from the boxes:
Key.2    To have my jacket cleaned.
3    To have my watch repaired.
4    To have my eyes tested.

my car       my eyes        my jacket       my watch
clean        repair        service      test

1    Why did you go to the garage?  
2    Why did you go to the cleaner's?
3    Why did you go to the jeweller's?     
4    Why did you go to the optician's? 
To have my car serviced.      
To _______________________
flag.jpgWrite sentences in the way shown.
Key.2    I had it cut.
3    They had it painted.
4    He had it built.
5    I had them delivered.

1    Lisa didn't repair the roof herself.  She   had it repaired.  
1    I didn't cut my hair myself.  I ____________________
3    They didn't paint the house themselves. They ____________________
4    John didn't build that wall himself. ____________________   
5    I didn't deliver the flowers mvself. ____________________
flag.jpgUse the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use the structure have something done.
Key.2    have another key made
3    had your hair cut
4    Do you have a newspaper delivered
5    're having / are having a garage built
6    haven't had the film developed
7    have it cleaned
8    have your ears pierced
9    've had it repaired / have had it repaired   or   had it repaired
11  had her handbag stolen
12  had his car vandalised

1    We    are having the house painted    (the house / paint) at the moment.
2    I lost my key. I'll have to _________________________ (another key / make).
3    When was the last time you _________________________ (your hair / cut)?
4    _________________________ (you / a newspaper / deliver) to your house every day, or do you go out and buy one?
5    A: What are those workmen doing in your garden?
     B: Oh, we _________________________ (a garage / build).
6    A: Can I see the photographs you took when you were on holiday?
     B: I'm afraid I _________________________ (not / the film / develop) yet.
7    This coat is dirty. I must _________________________ (it/clean).
8    If you want to wear earrings, why don't you _________________________ (your ears / pierce)?
9    A: I heard your computer wasn't working.
     B: That's right, but it's OK now. I _________________________ (it / repair).

In these items, use 'have something done' with its second meaning (see Section D).

10  Gary was in a fight last night. He    had his nose broken    (his nose / break).
11  Did I tell you about Jane? She _________________________ (her handbag / steal) last week.
12  Did you hear about Pete? He _________________________ (his car / vandalise) a few nights ago.

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