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Unit 52. Question tags (do you? isn't it? etc.)

Unit 52; Part A

galka.jpgStudy these examples:
Have you? and wasn't it? are question tags (= mini-questions that we often put on the end of a sentence in spoken English). In question tags, we use an auxiliary verb (have/was/will etc.). We use do/does/did for the present and past simple (see Unit 51):
    'Karen plays the piano, doesn't she?'    'Well, yes, but not very well.'
    'You didn't lock the door, did you?'    'No, I forgot.'

Unit 52; Part B

Normally we use a negative question tag after
a positive sentence:

... and a positive question tag after a
negative sentence:

     positive sentence        +           negative tag
Kate will be here soon,                won't she?
There was a lot of traffic,             wasn't there?
Michael should pass the exam,    shouldn't he?

negative sentence    +     positive tag
Kate won't be late,         will she?
They don't like us,         do they?
You haven't got a car,    have you?

Notice the meaning of yes and no in answer to a negative sentence:

•     You're not going out today, are you?     
Yes. (= Yes, I am going out I
No. (= No, I am not going out)


flag.jpgRead the situation and write a sentence with a question tag. In each situation you are asking your friend to agree with you.
Key.2    It's (very) expensive, isn't it?
3    The course was great, wasn't it?
4    You've had your hair cut, haven't you?
5    She has a good voice, hasn't she?   or   She's got / She has got...
6    It doesn't look very good, does it?
7    This bridge isn't very safe, is it?

1    You look out ot the window. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. What do you say to your friend?
      (nice day)     It's a nice day isn't it?       
2    You're with a friend outside a restaurant. You're looking at the prices, which are very high.
      What do you say?  (expensive).   It ________________________
3    You and a colleague have just finished a training course. You really enjoyed it.
      What do you say to your colleague?  (great)  The course ________________________
4    Your friend's hair is much shorter than when you last met.
      What do you say to her/him? (have/your hair / cut).  You ________________________
5    You and a friend are listening to a woman singing. You like her voice very much.
      What do you say to your friend?  (a good voice).  She ________________________
6    You are trying on a jacket in a shop. You look in the mirror and you don't like what you see.
      What do you say to your friend?  (not / look / very good). It ________________________
7    You and a friend are walking over a small wooden bridge. The bridge is very old and some parts are broken.
      What do you say?  (nor / very safe).  This bridge ________________________
flag.jpgIn these situations you are asking for information, asking people to do things etc.
Key.2    Joe, you couldn't get (me) some stamps, could you?
3    Kate, you don't know where Diane is, do you?    or    ... you haven't seen Diane, have you?
4    Helen, you haven't got a bicycle pump, have you?    or ... you don't have a bicycle pump, do you?
5    Ann, you couldn't take me to the station, could you?    or ... you couldn't give me a lift to the station, could you?
6    Robert, you haven't seen my keys, have you?

1    You need a pen. Perhaps Jane has got one. Ask her.
     Jane, you haven't got a pen, have you?       
2    Joe is just going out. You want him to get some stamps. Ask him.
      Joe, you _____________________________________
3    You're looking for Diane. Perhaps Kate knows where she is. Ask her.
     Kate, you _____________________________________
4    You need a bicycle pump. Perhaps Helen has got one. Ask her.
     Helen, _____________________________________
5    Ann has a car and you need a lift to the station. Perhaps she'll take you. Ask her.
      Ann, _____________________________________
6    You're looking for your keys. Perhaps Robert has seen them. Ask him.
      Robert, _____________________________________

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