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Unit 67. See somebody do and see somebody doing

Unit 67; Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:

Unit 67; Part B

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:

Unit 67; Part C

galka.jpgStudy the difference in meaning between the two structures:
I saw him do something = he did something (past simple) and I saw this. I saw the complete action from beginning to end:
    He fell off the wall. I saw this. →  I saw him fall off the wall.
    The accident happened. Did you see it?    Did you see the accident happen?

I saw him doing something
= he was doing something (past continuous) and I saw this. I saw him when he was in the middle of doing it. This does not mean that I saw the complete action:
    He was walking along the street.
     I saw this when I drove past in my car.     
I saw him walking alone the street.

Sometimes the difference is not important and you can use either form:

    I've never seen her dance. or I've never seen her dancing.

Unit 67; Part D

galka.jpgWe use these structures with see and hear, and a number of other verbs:

    I didn't hear you come in. 
(you came in - I didn't hear this)
    Liz suddenly felt somebody touch her on the shoulder.
    Did you notice anyone go out?

    I could hear it raining.
  (it was raining - I could hear it)
    The missing children were last seen playing near the river.
    Listen to the birds singing!
    Can you smell something burning?
    I found Sue in my room reading my letters.


flag.jpgIn each of these situations you and a friend saw, heard or smelt something. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences.
Key.2    We saw Dave and Helen playing tennis.
3    We saw Clare eating in a restaurant. /... having a meal in a restaurant.
4    We heard Bill playing his guitar.
5    We could smell the dinner burning.
6    We saw Linda jogging/running.
1    We saw Kate waiting for a bus.   
2    We saw Dave and Helen _____________________.
3    We saw _____________________ in a restaurant.
4    We heard _____________________.
5    We could _____________________.
6    _____________________________.
flag.jpgComplete these sentences. Use the following verbs (in the correct form):
Key.3    tell
4    crying
5    riding
6    say
7    run ... climb
8    explode
9    crawling
10  slam
11  sleeping
climb      come      crawl      cry      explode     ride      run      say      sing     slam      sleep      tell
1    Listen to the birds    singing   !
2    I didn't hear you   come   in.
3    We listened to the old man __________ his story from beginning to end.
4    Listen! Can you hear a baby __________?
5    I looked out of the window and saw Dan __________ his bike along the road.
6    I thought I heard somebody __________ 'Hi', so I looked round.
7    We watched two men __________ across the garden and __________ through an open window into the house.
8    Everybody heard the bomb __________. It was a tremendous noise.
9    Oh! I can feel something __________ up my leg! It must be an insect.
10  I heard somebody __________ the door in the middle of the night. It woke me up.
11  When we got home, we found a cat __________ on the kitchen table.

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