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Unit 63. Expressions + -ing

Unit 63; Part A

galka.jpgWhen these expressions are followed by a verb, the verb ends in -ing:
It's no use / It's no good
    There's nothing you can do about the situation, so it's no use worrying about it.
    It's no good trying to persuade me. You won't succeed.

There's no point in

    There's no point in having a car if you never use it.
    There was no point in waiting any longer, so we went.

But we usually say 'the point of doing something':

    What's the point of having a car if you never use it?

It's (not) worth

    I live only a short walk from here, so it's not worth taking a taxi.
    Our flight was very early in the morning, so it wasn't worth going to bed.

You can say that a film is worth seeing, a book is worth reading etc. :

    What was the film like? Was it worth seeing?
    Thieves broke into the house but didn't take anything. There was nothing worth stealing.

Unit 63; Part B

galka.jpgHave difficulty -ing, have trouble -ing
We say 'have difficulty doing something' (not to do):
    I had no difficulty finding a place to live.  (not difficulty to find)
    Did you have any difficulty getting a visa?
    People often have difficulty reading my writing.

You can also say 'have trouble doing something':

    I had no trouble finding a place to live.

Unit 63; Part C

galka.jpgWe use -ing after:
a waste of money / a waste of time

    It was a waste of time reading that book. It was rubbish.
    It's a waste of money buying things you don't need.


    He spent hours trying to repair the clock.
    I waste a lot of time day-dreaming.

(be) busy

    She said she couldn't see me. She was too busy doing other things.

Unit 63; Part D

galka.jpgGo swimming / go fishing etc.
We use go -ing for a number of activities (especially sports).
For example, you can say:
     go swimming       go sailing       go fishing       go climbing       go skiing       go jogging

Also go shopping, go sightseeing

    How often do you go swimming?
    I'd like to go skiing.
    When did you last go shopping?
    I've never been sailing
(For gone and been, see Unit 7D.)


flag.jpgMake sentences beginning There's no point ... .
Key.2    There's no point in working if you don't need money.
3    There's no point in trying to study if you feel tired.
4    There's no point in hurrying if you've got plenty of time.

1    Why have a car if you never use it?
      There's point in having a car if you never use it.    
2    Why work if you don't need money?
3    Don't try to study if you fee! tired.
4    Why hurry if you've got plenty of time?
flag.jpgWrite sentences using difficulty.
Key.2    remembering people's names
3    difficulty getting a job
4    difficulty getting a ticket for the game

1    I managed to get a visa, but it was difficult.
      I had difficulty    getting visa     .
2    I find it hard to remember people's names.
     I have difficulty ___________________.
3    Lucy managed to get a job without difficulty.
      She had no ___________________.
4    It won't be difficult to get a ticket for the game.
     You won't have any ___________________.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use only one word each time.
Key.2    reading
3    packing / getting ready
4    watching
5    going/climbing/walking
6    applying
7    getting / being

1    It's a waste of money    buying    things you don't need.
2    Every morning I spend about an hour _____________ the newspaper.
3    'What's Sue doing?'   "She's going away tomorrow, so she's busy _____________.'
4    I think you waste too much time _____________ television.
5    There's a beautiful view from that hill. It's worth _____________ to the top.
6    It's no use _____________ for the job. I know I wouldn't get it.
7    Just stay calm. There's no point in _____________ angry.
flag.jpgComplete these sentences with the following (with the verb in the correct form):
Key.2    went swimming
3    go skiing
4    goes riding
5    gone shopping

go riding       go sailing       go shopping       go skiing       go swimming
1    Barry lives by the sea and he's got a boat, so he often    goes sailing    .
2    It was a very hot day, so we ____________ in the lake.
3    There's plenty of snow in the mountains, so we'll be able to ____________.
4    Helen has got two horses. She ____________ regularly.
5    'Where's Dan?'   'He's ____________. There were a few things he needed to buy.'

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