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Unit 62. Verb + preposition + -ing (succeed in -ing / accuse somebody of -ing etc.)

Unit 62; Part A

galka.jpgMany verbs have the structure verb + preposition (in/for/about etc.) + object.
For example:
verb +
preposition   +
 We talked
You must apologise
the problem.
what you said.               

If the object is another verb, it ends in -ing:
verb +
preposition    +
-ing (object)
We talked
You must apologise

going to America.
not telling the truth.      
Some more verbs with    this structure:  
succeed (in)
insist (on)
think (of)
dream (of)
approve (of)
decide (against)
feel (like)
look forward (to)
Have you succeeded
They insisted
I'm thinking
I wouldn't dream
He doesn't approve
We have decided
Do you feel
I'm looking forward
finding a job yet?
paying for the meal.
buying a house.
asking them for money.
moving to London.
going out tonight?
meeting her.

You can also say 'approve of somebody doing something', 'look forward to somebody doing something':

    I don't approve of people killing animals for fun.
    We are all looking forward to Peter coming home.

Unit 62; Part B

galka.jpgThe following verbs can have the structure verb + object + preposition + -ing:

congratulate (on)
accuse (of)
suspect (of)
prevent (from)
stop (from)
thank (for)
excuse (for)
forgive (for)

verb +
object +
preposition  +
-ing (object)
I congratulated
They accused
Nobody suspected
What prevented
The rain didn't stop
I forgot to thank
Please forgive
the general
getting a new job.
telling lies.
being a spy.
coming to see us?
enjoying our holiday.
helping me.
being so late.
not writing to you.
You can say 'stop somebody doing' or 'stop somebody from doing':

    You can't stop me doing what I want.    or   You can't stop me from doing what I want.

Some of these verbs are often used in the passive. For example:

    We were accused of telling lies.
    The general was suspected of being a spy.

Note that we say 'apologise to somebody for ...':

    I apologised to them for keeping them waiting.  (not I apologised them)


flag.jpgComplete each sentence using only one word.
Key.2    doing
3    coming/going
4    doing/trying
5    buying/having
6    hearing
7    going
8    having/using
9    being
10  watching
11  inviting/asking

1    Our neighbours apologised tor    making    so much noise.
2    I feel lazy. I don't feel like ___________ any work.
3    I wanted to go out alone, but Joe insisted on ___________ with me.
4    I'm fed up with my job. I'm thinking of ___________ something else.
5    We have decided against ___________ a new car because we can't really afford it.
6    I hope you get in touch with me soon. I'm looking forward to ___________ from you.
7    The weather was extremely bad and this prevented us from ___________ out.
8    The man who has been arrested is suspected of ___________ a false passport.
9    I think you should apologise to Sue for ___________ so rude to her.
10  Some parents don't approve of their children ___________ a lot of television.
11  I'm sorry I can't come to your party, but thank you very much for ___________ me.
flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a preposition + one of the following verbs (in the correct form)
Key.2    in solving
3    of living
4    of causing
5    (from) walking
6    for interrupting
7    of spending
8    from escaping
9    on carrying
10  to seeing
carry       cause       escape       go       interrupt       live       see       solve       spend        walk
1    Do you feel     like going    out this evening?
2    It took us a long time, but we finally succeeded ____________ the problem.
3    I've always dreamed ____________ in a small house by the sea.
4    The driver of the other car accused me ____________ the accident.
5    There's a fence around the lawn to stop people ____________ on the grass.
6    Excuse me ____________ you, but may I ask you something?
7    Where are you thinking ____________ your holiday this year?
8    The guards weren't able to prevent the prisoner ____________.
9    My bag wasn't very heavy, but Dan insisted ____________ it for me.
10   It's a pity Paul can't come to the party. I was really looking forward ____________ him.

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