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Unit 59. Prefer and would rather.

Unit 59; Part A

galka.jpgPrefer to do and prefer doing
You can use 'prefer to (do)' or 'prefer -ing' to say what you prefer in general:

    I don't like cities. I prefer to live in the country.   or   I prefer living in the country.

Study the differences in structure after prefer. We say:

I prefer
I prefer
I prefer    
doing something
to do something    
to something else.|
to doing something else.
rather than (do) something else.

       I prefer this coat to the coat you were wearing yesterday.
       I prefer driving to travelling by train.
but I prefer to drive rather than travel by train.
    Sarah prefers to live in the country rather than (live) in a city.

Unit 59; Part B

galka.jpgWould prefer (I'd prefer ...)
We use would prefer to say what somebody wants in a specific situation (not in general):

    'Would you prefer tea or coffee?'    'Coffee, please.'

We say 'would prefer to do something'
(not doing):
    'Shall we go by train?'    'I'd prefer to drive.'  (not I'd prefer driving)
    I'd prefer to stay at home tonight rather than go to the cinema.

Unit 59; Part C

Would rather (I'd rather ...)
Would rather (do) = would prefer (to do). We use would rather + infinitive (without to). Compare:
The negative is 'I'd rather not (do something)':
    I'm tired. I'd rather not go out this evening, if you don't mind.
    'Do you want to go out this evening?'    'I'd rather not.'

We say 'would rather do something than do something else':

    I'd rather stay at home tonight than go to the cinema.

Unit 59; Part D

galka.jpgI'd rather you did something
We say 'I'd rather you did something' (not I'd rather you do).
For example:
    'Shall I stay here?'    'I'd rather you came with us.'  (= I would prefer this)
    'I'll repair your bike tomorrow, OK?'    'I'd rather you did it today.'
    'Are you going to tell them what happened?'    'No. I'd rather they didn't know."
    Shall I tell them, or would you rather they didn't know?

In this structure we use the past (came, did etc.), but the meaning is present not past. Compare:
    I'd rather make dinner now.
    I'd rather you made dinner now. 
(not I'd rather you make)

I'd rather you didn't (do something)
= I'd prefer you not to do it:
    I'd rather you didn't tell anyone what I said.
    'Shall I tell Linda what happened?'    'I'd rather you didn't.'

flag.jpgWhich do you prefer? Write sentences using 'I prefer (something) to (something else)'. Put the verb into the correct form where necessary.
Key.Example answers:
2    I prefer basketball to football.
3    I prefer sending emails to phoning people.
4    I prefer going to the cinema to watching videos at home.
6    I prefer to send emails rather than phone people.
7    I prefer to go to the cinema rather than watch videos at home.

1    (drive / travel by train)      I prefer driving to travelling by train.   
2    (basketball / football). I prefer ______________________________________
3    (phone people / send emails). I ______________________________________
4    (go to the cinema / watch videos at home). ______________________________________

Now rewrite sentences 3 and 4 using the structure 'I prefer to (do something)'.

5    (1) I prefer to drive rather than travel by train.   
6    (3) I prefer to ______________________________________
7    (4) ______________________________________

flag.jpgWrite sentences using I'd prefer... and I'd rather ... + the following:
Key.3    I'd rather listen to some music.
4    I'd prefer to eat at home.
5    I'd rather wait a few minutes.
6    I'd rather go for a swim.
7    I'd prefer to think about it for a while.
8    I'd rather stand.
9    I'd prefer to go alone.
11  I'd prefer to go for a swim rather than play tennis.
12  I'd rather eat at home than go to a restaurant.
13  I'd prefer to think about it for a while rather than decide now.
14  I'd rather listen to some music than watch TV.

Now use the same ideas to complete these sentences using than and rather than.
10    I'd prefer to get a taxi   rather than walk home.   
11    I'd prefer ro go for a swim _________________________
12    I'd rather eat at home _________________________
13    I'd prefer to think about it for a while _________________________
14    I'd rather listen to some music _________________________
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using would you rather I ... .
Key.2    (would you rather) I told her
3    would you rather I did it
4    would vou rather I phoned her

1    Are you going to make dinner or    would you rather I made it?   
2    Are you going to tell Liz what happened or would you rather _________________________?
3    Are you going to do the shopping or _________________________?
4    Are you going to phone Diane or _________________________?
flag.jpgUse your own ideas to complete these sentences.
Key.2    stayed/remaincd/waited
3    stay
4    didn'i
5    were
6    didn't

1    'Shall I tell Ann the news?'    'No, I'd rather she    didn't    know.'
2    Do you want me to go now or would you rather I __________ here?
3    Do you want to go out this evening or would you rather __________ at home?
4    This is a private letter addressed to me. I'd rather you __________ read it.
5    I don't really like these shoes. I'd rather they __________ a different colour.
6    A: Do you mind if I turn on the radio?
      B:   I'd rather you __________. I'm trying to study.

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