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Unit 57. Verb + -ing or to ... 2 (try / need / help)

Unit 57; Part A

galka.jpgTry to ... and try -ing
Try to do = attempt to do, make an effort to do:
•    I was very tired. I tried to keep my eyes open, but I couldn't.
    Please try to be quiet when you come home. Everyone will be asleep.

Try also means 'do something as an experiment or test'. For example:

•    These cakes are delicious. You should try one.  (= you should have one to see if you like it)
•    We couldn't find anywhere to stay. We tried every hotel in the town, but they were all full.
  (= we went to every hotel to see if they had a room)

If try
(with this meaning) is followed by a verb, we say try -ing:
•    A: The photocopier doesn't seem to be working.
      B: Try pressing the green button.

     (= press the green button - perhaps this will help to solve the problem!


•    I tried to move the table, but it was too heavy.  (so I couldn't move it)
•    I didn't like the way the furniture was arranged, so I tried moving the table to the other side of the room. But it still didn't look right, so I moved it back again.

Unit 57; Part B

galka.jpgNeed to ... and need -ing
I need to do something = it is necessary for me to do it:
57.1.jpg•    I need to take more exercise.
•    He needs to work harder if he wants to make progress.
•    I don't need to come to the meeting, do I?

Something needs doing
= it needs to be done:
•    The batteries in the radio need changing.
     (= they need to be changed)
•    Do you think my jacket needs cleaning?
     (= ... needs to be cleaned)
•    It's a difficult problem. It needs thinking about very carefully.
(= it needs to be thought about) 

Unit 57; Part C

galka.jpgHelp and can't help
You can say help to do or help do (with or without to):

•    Everybody helped to clean up after the party,   or
      Everybody helped clean up ...

•    Can you help me to move this table?    or
      Can you help me move ...

can't help doing something = I can't stop myself doing it:
•    I don't like him, but he has a lot of problems. I can't help feeling sorry for him.
•    She tried to be serious, but she couldn't help laughing.
(= she couldn't stop herself laughing)
•    I'm sorry I'm so nervous. I can't help it.
(= I can't help being nervous)


flag.jpgMake suggestions. Each time use try + one of the following suggestions:
Key.2    Try turning it the other way.
3    Have you tried moving the aerial?
4    Why don't you try phoning his office?
5    Have you tried taking an aspirin?

phone his office          move the aerial     change the batteries
turn it the other way    take an aspirin
flag.jpgFor each picture, write a sentence with need(s) + one of the following verbs:
Key.2    It needs painting.
3    It needs cutting.
4    They need tightening.
5    It needs emptying.

1    This jacket is dirty.  It needs cleaning.   
1    The room isn't very nice. ________________________
3    The grass is very long.  It  ________________________
4    The screws are loose.  ________________________
5    The bin is full.  ________________________
flag.jpgPut the verb into the correct form.
Key.1 b knocking
   с  to put
   d asking
   e to reach
   f to concentrate
2 a to go
   b looking
  с cleaning
   d cutting
   e You don't need to iron...It doesn't need ironing
3 a overhearing
  b get   or   to get
   с smiling
   d make ' or    to make

1  a   I was very tired. I tried  to keep  (keep) my eyes open, but I couldn't.
   b   I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer. Then I tried__________ (knock) on the door, but there was still no answer.
    c   We tried __________ (put) the fire out but without success. We had to call the fire brigade.
   d   Sue needed to borrow some money. She tried __________ (ask) Gerry, but he was short of money too.
   e   I tried __________ (reach) the shelf, but I wasn't tall enough.
   f    Please leave me alone. I'm trying __________ (concentrate).
2  a   I need a change. I need __________ (go) away for a while.
    b   My grandmother isn't able to look after herself any more. She needs __________ (look) after.
   c   The windows are dirty. They need __________ (clean).
    d   Your hair is getting very long. It needs __________ (cut).
   e   You don't need __________ (iron) that shirt. It doesn't need __________ (iron).
3  a   They were talking very loudly. I couldn't help __________ (overhear) what they said.
   b   Can you help me __________ (get) the dinner ready?
   с   He looks so funny. Whenever I see him, I can't help __________ (smile).
   d   The fine weather helped __________ (make) it a very enjoyable holiday.

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