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Unit 56. Verb + -ing or to ... 1 (remember / regret etc.)

Unit 56; Part A

galka.jpgSome verbs are followed by -ing and some are followed by to ... .

Verbs usually followed by -ing:                   
Verbs usually followed by to ... :

For examples, see Unit 53.
For examples, see Unit 54.

Unit 56; Part B

galka.jpgSome verbs can be followed by -ing or to ... with a difference of meaning:

Unit 56; Part C

galka.jpgThe following verbs can be followed by -ing or to ... :
begin        start       continue       intend        bother

So you can say:

•     It has started raining.    or    It has started to rain.
•     John intends buying a house.  
  or   John intends to buy ...
•     Don't bother locking the door.  
  or    Don't bother to lock ...

But normally we do not use -ing after -ing:

•     It's starting to rain.  (not It's starting raining)


flag.jpgPut the verb into the correct form, -ing or to ... . Sometimes either form is possible.
Key.2    driving
3    to go
4    to go
5    raining
6    to win
7    asking
8    asking
9    to answer
10  breaking
11  to pay
12  losing    or    to lose
13  to tell
14  crying    or    to cry
15  to get
16  meeting ... to see

1    They denied    stealing    the money.  (steal)
2    I don't enjoy ____________ very much.  (drive)
3    I don't want ____________ out tonight. I'm too tired.  (go)
4    I can't afford ____________ out tonight. I don't have enough money.  (go)
5    Has it stopped    yet?  (rain)
6    Our team was unlucky to lose the game. We deserved ____________. (win)
7    Why do you keep ____________ me questions? Can't you leave me alone?  (ask)
8    Please stop ____________ me questions!  (ask)
9    I refuse ____________ any more questions.  (answer)
10  One of the boys admitted ____________ the window.  (break)
11  The boy's father promised ____________ for the window to be repaired.  (pay)
12  If the company continues ____________ money, the factory may be closed.  (lose)
13  'Does Sarah know about the meeting?'    'No, I forgot ____________ her.'  (tell)
14  The baby began ____________ in the middle of the night.  (cry)
15  Julia has been ill. but now she's beginning ____________ better.  (get)
16  I've enjoyed ____________ you. I hope ____________ you again soon.  (meet, see)
flag.jpgHere is some information about Tom when he was a child.
Key.2   He can remember going to Paris when he was eight.
3   He can't remember crying on his first day at school.
4   He can remember falling into the river.
5   He can't remember saying he wanted to be a doctor.    or He can't remember wanting to be a doctor.
6   He can't remember being bitten by a dog.
1    He was in hospital when he was four.   
2    He went to Paris when he was eight.   
3    He cried on his first day at school.    
4   Once he fell into the river.
5   He said he wanted to be a doctor.
6   Once he was bitten by a dog.

He can still remember 1, 2 and 4. But he can't remember 3, 5 and 6. Write sentences beginning He can remember ... or He can't remember ... .

1       He can remember being in hospital when he was four.       
2      ______________________________________________________ 
3      ______________________________________________________ 
4      ______________________________________________________ 
5      ______________________________________________________ 
6      ______________________________________________________ 
flag.jpgComplete each sentence with a verb in the correct form, -ing or to ... .
Key.1 b    lending
   с    to phone / to call
  d    to give
  e    leaving/putting
2 a   saying
   b   to say
3 a   to become
   b   working
   с    reading

1    a   Please remember    to lock    tne door when you go out.
     b   A: You lent me some money a few months ago.
          B: Did I? Are you sure? I don't remember ______________ you any money.
      с    A: Did you remember ______________ your sister?
           B: Oh no. I completely forgot. I'll phone her tomorrow.
      d   When you see Steve, remember ______________ him my regards.
     e   Someone must have taken my bag. I clearly remember ______________ it by the window and now it has gone.
2    a   I believe that what I said was fair. I don't regret ______________ it.
     b   I knew they were in trouble, but I regret ______________ I did nothing to help them.
3   a   Ben joined the company nine years ago. He became assistant managerafter two years, and a few years later he went on ______________manager of the company.
     b   I can't go on ______________ here any more. I want a different job.
     с   When I came into the room, Liz was reading a newspaper. She looked upand said hello, and then went on ______________ her newspaper.

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