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Unit 53. Verb + -ing (enjoy doing / stop doing etc.)

Unit 53; Part A


•    Suddenly everybody stopped talking. There was silence.
•    I'll do the shopping when I've finished cleaning the flat.
•    He tried to avoid answering my question.
•    I don't fancy going out this evening. 
(= I'm not enthusiastic about it)
•    Have you ever considered going to live in another country?

The negative form is not -ing:

•    When I'm on holiday, I enjoy not having to get up early.

Unit 53; Part B

galka.jpgWe also use -ing after:

give up (= stop)
put off (= postpone)
go on / carry on (= continue)
keep or keep on (= do something continuously or repeatedly)

    I've given up reading newspapers. I think it's a waste of time.
    Jenny doesn't want to retire. She wants to go on working
(or ... to carry on working.)
    You keep interrupting when I'm talking!  
  or   You keep on interrupting ...

Unit 53; Part C

galka.jpgWith some verbs you can use the structure verb + somebody + -ing:

    I can't imagine George riding a motorbike.
    You can't stop me doing what I want.
    'Sorry to keep you waiting so long.'    'That's all right.'

Note the passive form
(being done/seen/kept etc.):
    I don't mind being kept waiting.  (= I don't mind people keeping me ...)

Unit 53; Part D

galka.jpgWhen you are talking about finished actions, you can say having done/stolen/said etc. :

    They admitted having stolen the money.

But it is not necessary to use having (done). You can also say:
    They admitted stealing the money.
    I now regret saying
(or having said) what I said.

For regret, see Unit 56B.

Unit 53; Part E

galka.jpgAfter some of the verbs on this page (especially admit/deny/suggest) you can also use that ... :

    They denied that they had stolen the money. 
(or They denied stealing ...)
    Sam suggested that we went to the cinema. 
(or Sam suggested going ...)


flag.jpgComplete each sentence with one of the following verbs (in the correct form):
Key.2    making
3    listening
4    applying
5    reading
6    living
7    using
8    forgetting
9    writing
10  being
11  trying
12  losing

 answer     apply     be      forget      listen      live     lose     make      read      try      use     write
1    He tried to avoid    answering    my question.
2    Could you please stop ____________ so much noise?
3    I enjoy ____________ to music.
4    I considered ____________ for the job. bur in the end I decided against it.
5    Have you finished ____________ the newspaper yet?
6    We need to change our routine. We can't go on ____________ like this.
7    I don't mind you ____________ the phone as long as you pay for all your calls.
8    My memory is getting worse. I keep ____________ things.
9    I've put off ____________ the letter so many times. I really must do it today.
10  What a stupid thing to do! Can you imagine anybody ____________ so stupid?
11  I've given up ____________ to lose weight - it's impossible.
12  If you invest your money on the stock market, you risk ____________ it.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences so that they mean the same as the first sentence. Use -ing.
Key.2    travelling during the rush hour
3    painting the kitchen until next weekend
4    turning the radio down
5    not interrupting me all the time

1    I can do what I want and you can't stop me.
     You  can't stop me doing what I want.   
2    It's not a good idea to travel during the rush hour.
     It's better to avoid _____________________________
3    Shall we paint the kitchen next weekend instead of this weekend?
      Shall we postpone ______________________ until _______________________
4    Could you turn the radio down, please?
     Would you mind _____________________________
5    Please don't interrupt me all the time.
     Would you mind _____________________________
flag.jpgUse your own ideas to complete these sentences. Use -ing.
Key.1    going out
3    sitting on the floor
4    having a picnic
5    laughing
6    breaking down

1    She's a very interesting person. I always enjoy   talking to her  
2    I'm not feeling very well. I don't fancy __________________.
3    I'm afraid there aren't any chairs. I hope you don't mind __________________.
4    It was a beautiful day, so I suggested __________________.
5    It was very funny. I couldn't stop __________________.
6    My car isn't very reliable. It keeps __________________.

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