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Unit 73. The 1

Unit 73; Part A

galka.jpgWe use the when there is only one of something:

    What is the longest river in the world?
  (there is only one longest river)
    The earth goes round the sun and the moon goes round the earth.
    Have you ever crossed the equator?
    I'm going away at the end of this month.

Don't forget the:

    Paris is the capital of France.  (not Paris is capital of ...)

But we use a /an to say what kind of thing something is
(see Unit 71B). Compare the and a:
    The sun is a star.  (= one of many stars)
    The hotel we stayed at was a very nice hotel.

Unit 73; Part B

galka.jpgWe say: the sky, the sea, the ground, the country, the environment.

    We looked up at all the stars in the sky
(not in sky)
    Would you like to live in the country
(= not in a town)
    We must do more to protect the environment.
  (= the natural world around us)

But we say space
(without the) when we mean 'space in the universe'. Compare:
    There are millions of stars in space.  (not in the space)
    I tried to park my car, but the space was too small.

Unit 73; Part C

galka.jpgWe use the before same (the same):

    Your pullover is the same colour as mine. 
(not is same colour)
    'Are these keys the same?'    'No, they're different.'

Unit 73; Part D

galka.jpgWe say: (go to) the cinema, the theatre.
    I go to the cinema a lot, but I haven't been to the theatre for ages.

When we say the cinema / the theatre, we do not necessarily mean a specific cinema or theatre.

We usually say the radio, but television
(without the). Compare:
    I listen to the radio a lot.    but    I watch television a lot.
    We heard the news on the radio.   
but    We watched the news on television.

The television = the television set:

    Can you turn off the television, please?

Unit 73; Part E

galka.jpgBreakfast    lunch    dinner
We do not normally use the with the names of meals
(breakfast, lunch etc.):
    What did you have for breakfast?
    We had lunch in a very nice restaurant.
    What time is dinner?

But we use a if there is an adjective before breakfast, lunch
etc. :
    We had a very nice lunch.  (not We had very nice lunch)

Unit 73; Part F

galka.jpgPlatform 5    Room 126 etc.
We do not use the before noun + number.
For example, we say:
    Our train leaves from Platform 5.  (not the Platform 5)
    (in a shop)  Have you got these shoes in size 43 (not the size 43)

In the same way, we say: Room 126 (in a hotel), page 29 (of a book), question 3 (in an exam), Gate 10 (at an airport)


flag.jpgPut in the or a/an where necessary. If no word is necessary, leave the space empty.
Key.2    a nice holiday ... the best holiday
3    the nearest shop ... the end of this street
4    listen to the radio ... I haven't got a radio
5    to travel in space ... go to the moon
6    go to the cinema ... on television
7    a nice day ... by the sea
8    for breakfast ... eat breakfast
9    where is Room 25 ... on the second floor
10  the most expensive hotel ... a cheaper hotel

1    A: Where did you have    -    lunch?
     B: We went to   a   restaurant.
2    A: Did you have _____ nice holiday?
     B: Yes, it was _____ best holiday I've ever had.
3    A: Where's _____ nearest shop?
     B: There's one at _____ end of this street.
4    A: Do you often listen to _____ radio?
     B: No. In fact I haven't got _____ radio. .
5    A: Would you like to travel in _____ space?
     B: Yes. I'd love to go to _____ moon.
6    A: Do you go to _____ cinema very often?
      B: No, not very often. But I watch a lot of films on _____ television.
7   A: It was _____ nice day yesterday, wasn't it?
     B: Yes. it was beautiful.  We went for a walk by _____ sea.
8    A: What did you have for _____ breakfast this morning?
     B: Nothing. I never eat _____ breakfast.
9    A: Excuse me, where is _____ Room 25, please?
     B: It's on _____ second floor.
10  A: We spent all our money because we stayed at _____ most expensive hotel in town.
     B: Why didn't you stay at _____ cheaper hotel?
flag.jpgPut in the where necessary. If you don't need the, leave the space empty.
Key.2    the ground ... the sky
3    watching television
4    The television
5    the same time
6    had dinner
7    the information ... the top of page 15
8    the capital

1    I haven't been to    the    cinema for ages.
2    I lay down on _____ ground and looked up at _____ sky.
3    Sarah spends most of her free time watching _____ television.
4    _____ television was on, but nobody was watching it.
5    Lisa and I arrived at _____ same time.
6    Have you had _____ dinner yet?
7    You'll find _____ information you need at _____ top of _____ page 15.
8    What's _____ capital city of Canada?
flag.jpgPut in the or a/an where necessary. (See Unit 72 for a/an and the if necessary.)
Key.2    in a small village in the country  3    The moon goes round the earth every 27 days.   4    the samething   5    a very hot day ... the hottest day of the year   6   usually have lunch ... eat a good breakfast   7    live in a foreigncountry ... learn the language   8    on the wrong platform   9    Thenext train ... from Platform 3

1    Sun is star.    The sun is a star.   
2    Paul lives in small village in country. ________________________
3    Moon goes round earth every 27 days. ________________________
4    I'm fed up with doing same thing every day. ________________________
5    It was very hot day. It was hottest day of year. ________________________
6    I don't usually have lunch, but I always eat good breakfast. ________________________
7    If you live in foreign country, you should try and learn language. ________________________
8    We missed our train because we were waiting on wrong platform. ________________________
9    Next train to London leaves from Platform 3. ________________________
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following. Use the where necessary.
Key.2    the sea
3    question 8
4    the cinema
5    breakfast
6    the gate
7    Gate 21

breakfast       cinema       dinner       gate       Gate 21        question 8       sea
1    'Are you going out this evening?'    'Yes, after   dinner .'
2    There was no wind, so ___________ was very calm.
3    The test wasn't too difficult, but I couldn't answer ___________.
4    'I'm going to ___________ tonight.'    'Are you? What are you going to see?'
5    I didn't have time for ___________ this morning because I was in a hurry.
6    Oh, ___________ is open. I must have forgotten to shut it.
7    (airport announcement)  Flight AB123 to Rome is now boarding at ___________.

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