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Unit 91. Each and every

Unit 91; Part A

galka.jpgEach and every are similar in meaning. Often it is possible to use each or every:

       Each time (or Every time) I see you, you look different.
       There's a telephone in each room (or every room) of the house.

But each and every are not exactly the same.
Study the difference:
Each (but not every) can be used for two things:
        In a football match, each team has eleven players. 
(not every team)

We use
every (not each) to say how often something happens:
        'How often do you use your computer?'    'Every day.'  (not Each day)
        There's a bus every ten minutes. 
(not each ten minutes)

Unit 91; Part B

galka.jpgCompare the structures we use with each and every:
You can use each with a noun:
        each book        each student
You can use every with a noun:
    every book       every student
You can use each alone (without a noun):
        None of the rooms was the same.
         Each (= each room) was different.
Or you can use each one:

        Each one was different.
You can't use every alone, but you can say every one:
        A: Have you read all these books?
          B: Yes, every one.

You can say each of (the ... / these ... / them etc.):
        Read each ot these sentences carefully.
        Each of the books is a different colour.
        Each of them is a different colour.

You can say every one of ... (but not every of):
        I've read every one of those books. (not every of those books)
        I've read every one of them.

Unit 91; Part C

galka.jpgYou can also use each in the middle or at the end of a sentence. For example:

        The students were each given a book.  (= Each student was given a book.)
        These oranges cost 15 pence each.

Unit 91; Part D

galka.jpgEveryone and every one
Everyone (one word) is only for people (= everybody).
Every one (two words) is for things or people, and is similar to each one (see Section B).
        Everyone enjoyed the party.  (= Everybody ...)
        Sarah is invited to lots of parties and she goes to every one
(= to every party)


flag.jpgLook at the pictures and complete the sentences with each or every.
Key.3    Each
4    Every
5    Each
6    every
7    each
8    every

1      Each   player has three cards.
2    Kate has read   every   book in the library.
3    _________ side or a square is the same length.
4    _________ seat in the theatre was taken.
5    There are six apartments in the building. _________ one has a balcony.
6    There's a train to London _________ hour.
7    She was wearing four rings - one on _________ finger.
8    Our football team is playing well. We've won _________ game this season.
flag.jpgPut in each or every.
Key.3    Every   
4    Each   
5    every   
6    every   
7    each   
8    every   
9    every   
10  each   
11  Every   
12  each

1    There were tour books on the table.    Each    book was a different colour.
2    The Olympic Games are held    every    four years.
3    ____________ parent worries about their children.
4    In a game of tennis there are two or four players. ____________ player has a racket.
5    Nicola plays volleyball ____________ Thursday evening.
6    I understood most of what they said but not ____________ word.
7    The book is divided into five parts and ____________ of these has three sections.
8    I get paid ____________ four weeks.
9    We had a great weekend. I enjoyed ____________ minute of it.
10  I tried to phone her two or three times, but ____________ time there was no reply.
12  Car seat belts save lives. ____________ driver should wear one.
13  (from an exam)  Answer all five questions. Write your answer to ____________ question on a separate sheet of paper.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using each.
Key.2    Sonia and I had    ten pounds each. / Sonia and I each had ten pounds.
3    Those postcards cost 80 pence each. / Those postcards are 80 pence each.
4    We paid £120 each. / We each paid £120.

1    The price of one of those oranges is 30 pence.
      Those    oranges are 30 pence each.   
2    I had ten pounds and so did Sonia.
      Sonia and I _______________________
3    One of those postcards costs 80 pence.
      Those ____________________________
4    The hotel was expensive. I paid £120 and so did you.
      We _______________________________
flag.jpgPut in everyone (1 word) or every one (2 words).
Key.2    everyone
3    every one
4    Everyone
5    every one

1    Sarah is invited to a lot of parties and she goes to   every one   .  
2    As soon as _____________ had arrived, we began the meeting.
3    I asked her lots of questions and she answered _____________ correctly.
4    She's very popular. _____________ likes her.
5    I dropped a tray of glasses.  Unfortunately _____________ broke.

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