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Unit 86. No / none / any. Nothing / nobody etc.

Unit 86; Part A

galka.jpgNo and none
We use no + noun. No = not a or not any:

       We had to walk home because there was no bus(= there wasn't a bus)
       Sue will have no difficulty finding a job.
  (= Sue won't have any difficulty ...)
       There were no shops open.  (= There weren't any shops open.)

You can use no + noun at the beginning of a sentence:

       No reason was given for the change of plan.

We use none without a noun:

       'How much money do you have?'    'None.'  (= no money)
       All the tickets have been sold. There are none left.  ( = no tickets left)

Or we use none of... :

       This money is all yours. None of it is mine.

After none of + plural
(none of the students, none of them etc.) the verb can be singular or plural. A plural verb is more usual:
      None of the shops were (or was) open.

Unit 86; Part B

galka.jpgNothing    nobody/no-one    nowhere
You can use these negative words at the beginning of a sentence or alone (as answers to questions):
       Nobody (or No-one) came to visit me while I was in hospital.
       'What happened?'    'Nothing.'
       'Where are you going?'    'Nowhere. I'm staying here.'

You can also use these words after a verb, especially after be and have:

       The house is empty. There's nobody living there.
       We had nothing to eat.

etc. = not + anything/anybody etc. :
       I didn't say anything (= I said nothing.)
       Jane didn't tell anybody about her plans. 
(= Jane told nobody ...)
       They haven't got anywhere to live. 
(= They've got nowhere to live.)

With nothing/nobody
etc., do not use a negative verb (isn't, didn't etc.):
       I said nothing (not I didn't say nothing)
       Nobody tells me anything.  (not Nobody doesn't tell me)

Unit 86; Part C

galka.jpgWe also use any/anything/anybody etc. (without not) to mean 'it doesn't matter which/what/who' (see Unit 85D). Compare no- and any-:

       There was no bus, so we walked home.
         You can take any bus. They all go to the centre. 
(= it doesn't matter which I
       'What do you want to eat?'    'Nothing. I'm not hungry.'
           I'm so hungry. I could eat anything.
  (= it doesn't matter what)
       The exam was extremely difficult. Nobody passed.  (= everybody failed)
         The exam was very easy. Anybody could have passed. 
(= it doesn't matter who)

Unit 86; Part D

galka.jpgAfter nobody/no-one you can use they/them/their (see also Unit 85E):

       Nobody phoned, did they(= did he or she)
       No-one did what I asked them to do. 
(= him or her)
       Nobody in the class did their homework. 
(= his or her homework)



flag.jpgComplete these sentences with no, none or any.
Key.3    no
4    any
5    None
6    none
7    No
8    any
9    any
10  none
11  no

1    It was a public holiday, so there were   no   shops open.
2    I haven't got   any   money. Can you lend me some?
3    We had to walk home because there were ________ taxis.
4    We had to walk home because there weren't ________ taxis.
5    'How many eggs have we got?'    '________ Do you want me to get some?'
6    We took a few photographs, but ________ of them were very good.
7    What a stupid thing to do! ________ intelligent person would do such a thing.
8    I'll try and answer ________ questions you ask me.
9    I couldn't answer ________ of the questions they asked me.
10  We cancelled the party because ________ of the people we invited were able to come.
11  I tried to phone Chris, but there was ________ answer.
flag.jpgAnswer these questions using none/nobody/nothing/nowhere.
Key.2    Nobody/No-one.
3    None.
4    Nowhere.
5    None.
6    Nothing.
8    I wasn't talking to anybody/anyone.
9    I haven't got any luggage.
10  I'm not going anywhere.
11  I didn't make any mistakes.
12  I didn't pay anything.

Now answer the same questions using complete sentences with any/anybody/anything/anywhere.
7    (1) I didn't do anything.                             
8    (2) __________________________________
9    (3) __________________________________
10  (4) __________________________________
11  (5) __________________________________
12  (6) __________________________________
flag.jpgComplete these sentences with no- or any- + -body/-thing/-where.
Key.2    nobody/no-one
3    Nowhere
4    anything
5    Nothing. I couldn't find anything ...
6    Nothing anywhere
8   Nobody/No-one said anything.

1    I don't want   anything   to drink. I'm not thirsty.
2    The bus was completely empty. There was _____________ on it.
3    'Where did you go for your holidays?'    '_____________. I stayed at home.'
4    I went to the shops, but I didn't buy _____________.
5    'What did you buy?'    '_____________. I couldn't find _____________ I wanted.'
6    The town is still the same as it was years ago. _____________ has changed.
7    Have you seen my watch? I can't find it _____________.
8    There was complete silence in the room. _____________ said _____________.
flag.jpgChoose the right word.
Key.2    nobody
3    anyone
4    Anybody
5    Nothing
6    Anything
7    anything

1    She didn't tell nobody / anybody about her plans.  (anybody is correct)
2    The accident looked serious, but fortunately nobody / anybody was badly injured.
3    I looked out of the window, but I couldn't see no-one / anyone.
4    My job is very easy. Nobody / Anybody could do it.
5    'What's in that box?'    'Nothing / Anything. It's empty.'
6    The situation is uncertain. Nothing / Anything could happen.
7    I don't know nothing / anything about economics.

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