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Unit 85. Some and any

Unit 85; Part A

galka.jpgIn general we use some (also somebody/someone/something) in positive sentences and any (also anybody etc.) in negative sentences:
      We bought some flowers.
      He's busy. He's got some work to do.
      There's somebody at the door.  
   •    I'm hungry. I want something to eat.
      We didn't buy any flowers.  
   •    He's lazy. He never does any work.
      There isn't anybody at the door.
      I'm not hungry. I don't want anything to eat.

We use any in the following sentences because the meaning is negative:

      She went out without any money.  (she didn't take any money with her)
      He refused to eat anything.
  (he didn't eat anything)
      Hardly anybody passed the examination.
  (= almost nobody passed)

Unit 85; Part B

galka.jpgWe use both some and any in questions. We use some to talk about a person or thing that we know exists, or we think exists:
      Are you waiting for somebody (I think you are waiting for somebody)

We use some in questions when we offer or ask for things:

      Would you like something to eat?  (there is something to eat)
      Can I have some sugar, please?
  (there is probably some sugar I can have)

But in most questions, we use any. We do not know if the thing or person exists:

      'Have you got any luggage?'    'No, I haven't.'
      I can't find my bag. Has anybody seen it?

Unit 85; Part C

galka.jpgWe often use any after if:

      If there are any letters for me, can you send them on to this address?
      If anyone has any questions, I'll be pleased to answer them.
      Let me know if you need anything.

The following sentences have the idea of if:

      I'm sorry for any trouble I've caused.  (= if I have caused any trouble)
      Anyone who wants to do the exam must tell me by Friday.  (= if there is anyone)

Unit 85; Part D

galka.jpgWe also use any with the meaning 'it doesn't matter which':

      You can take any bus. They all go to the centre.  (= it doesn't matter which bus you take)
      'Sing a song.'    'Which song shall I sing?'    'Any song. I don't mind.' (= it doesn't matter which song)
      Come and see me any time you want.
      'Let's go out somewhere.'    'Where shall we go?'    'Anywhere. I just want to go out.'
      We left the door unlocked. Anybody could have come in.

Compare something and anything:

      A: I'm hungry. I want something to eat.
         B: What would you like?
         A: I don't mind. Anything
(= it doesn't matter what)

Unit 85; Part E

galka.jpgSomebody/someone/anybody/anyone are singular words:
      Someone is here to see you.

But we often use they/them/their after these words:

      Someone has forgotten their umbrella.  (= his or her umbrella)
      If anybody wants to leave early, they can.
  (= he or she can)



flag.jpgPut in some or any.
Key.2    some
3    any
4    any ... some
5    some
6    any
7    any
8    some
9    any
10  any

1    We didn't buy   any   flowers.
2    This evening I'm going out with __________ friends of mine.
3    A: Have you seen __________ good films recently?
     B: No, I haven't been to the cinema for ages.
4    I didn't have __________ money, so I had to borrow __________.
5    Can I have __________ milk in my coffee, please?
6    I was too tired to do __________ work.
7    You can cash these traveller's cheques at __________ bank.
8    Can you give me __________ information about places of interest in the town?
9    With the special tourist train ticket, you can travel on __________ train you like.
10  If there are __________ words you don't understand, use a dictionary.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences with some- or any- + -body/-thing/-where.
Key.2    somebody/someone
3    anybody/anyone
4    anything
5    something
6    somebody/someone ... anybody/anyone
7    something ... anybody/anyone
8    Anybody/Anyone
9    anybody/anyone
10  anywhere
11  somewhere
12  anywhere
13  anybody/anyone
14  something
15  anybody/anyone
16  something
17  anybody/anyone ... anything

1    I was too surprised to say   anything  .   
2    There's ___________ at the door. Can you go and see who it is?
3    Does ___________ mind if I open the window?
4    I wasn't feeling hungry, so I didn't eat ___________.
5    You must be hungry. Would you like ___________ to eat?
6    Quick, let's go! There's ___________ coming and I don't want    to see us.
7    Sarah was upset about ___________ and refused to talk to ___________.
8    This machine is very easy to use. ___________ can learn to use it very quickly.
9    There was hardly ___________ on the beach. It was almost deserted.
10  'Do you live ___________ near Joe?'    'No, he lives in another part of town.'
11  'Where shall we go on holiday?'    'Let's go ___________ warm and sunny.'
12  They stay at home all the time. They never seem to go ___________.
13  I'm going out now. If ___________ phones while I'm out, can you tell them I'll be back at 11.30?
14  Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ___________ ?
15  The police have asked that ___________ who saw the accident should contact them.
16  'Can I ask you ___________ ?'    'Sure. What do you want to ask?'
17  Sue is very secretive. She never tells ___________. (2 words)

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