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Unit 83. A friend of mine, my own house. On my own / by myself

Unit 83; Part A

galka.jpgA friend of mine / a friend of Tom's etc.
We say '(a friend) of mine/yours/his/hers/ours/theirs':

   •    I'm going to a wedding on Saturday. A friend of mine is getting married. (not a friend of me)
   •    We went on holiday with some friends of ours.
  (not some friends of us)
   •    Michael had an argument with a neighbour of his.
   •    It was a good idea of yours to go to the cinema.

In the same way we say '(a friend) of my sister's / (a friend) of Tom's'
etc. :
   •    That woman over there is a friend of my sister's.
   •    It was a good idea of Tom's to go to the cinema.

Unit 83; Part B

galka.jpgMy own ... / your own ... etc.
We use my/your/his/her/its/our/their before own:

my own house       your own car       her own room
(not an own house, an own car etc.)

My own ... / your own ...
etc. = something that is only mine/yours, not shared or borrowed:
   •    I don't want to share a room with anybody. I want my own room.
   •    Vicky and George would like to have their own house.
   •    It's a pity that the flat hasn't got its own parking space.
   •    It's my own fault that I've got no money. I buy too many things I don't need.
   •    Why do you want to borrow my car? Why don't you use your own?
  (= your own car)

You can also use own to say that you do something yourself instead of somebody else doing it for you. For example:

Unit 83; Part C

galka.jpgOn my own / by myself
On my own
and by myself both mean 'alone'.
We say:
       I like living on my own / by myself.
       'Did you go on holiday on your own / by yourself?'   'Nо, with a friend.'
       David was sitting on his own / by himself in a corner of the cafe.
       Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on their own / by themselves.



flag.jpgWrite new sentences with the same meaning.Change the underlined words and use the structure in Section A (afriend of mine etc.).
Key.2    We met a relative of yours.
3    Henry borrowed a book of mine.
4    ... some friends of hers to her flat.
5    ... with a neighbour of ours.
6    ... with two friends of mine.
7    Is that man a friend of yours?
8    I met a friend of Jane's at the party.

1    I am meeting one of my friends tonight.
2    We met one of your relatives.
3    Henry borrowed one of my books.
4    Liz invited some of her friends to her flat.
5    We had dinner with one of our neighbours.   
6    I went on holiday with two of my friends.  
7    Is that man one of your friends?       
8    I met one of Jane's friends at the party.
   I'm meeting a friend of mine tonight.   
We met a ___________________________
Henry ______________________________
Liz _________________________________
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using my own / your own etc. + the following:
Key.2    his own opinions
3    her own business
4    its own (private) beach
5    our own words

bedroom       business       opinions       private beach        words
1    I share a kitchen and bathroom, but I have    my own bedroom   .
2    Gary doesn't think the same as me. He's got ___________________.
3    Julia is fed up with working for other people. She wants to start ___________________.
4    We stayed at a luxury hotel by the sea. The hotel had ___________________.
5    In the test we had to read a story, and then write it in ___________________.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using my own / your own etc.
Key.2    your own fault
3    her own ideas
4    your own problems
5    his own decisions

1    Why do you want to borrow my car?   Why don't you use your own car   ?
2    How can you blame me? It's not my fault.  It's ____________________________?
3    She's always using my ideas.  Why can't she use ____________________________?
4    Please don't worry about my problems.  You've got ____________________________?
5    I can't make his decisions for him.  He must make ____________________________?
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using my own / your own etc. Use the following verbs:
Key.2    makes her own clothes
3    bake/make our own bread
4    writes his own songs
bake       cut       make       write
1    Brian never goes to the hairdresser.
      He    cuts his own hair  .
2    Mary doesn't often buy clothes.
      She usually ___________________.
3    We don't often buy bread.
      We usually ___________________.
4    Paul is a singer.
      He sings songs written by other people, but he also ___________________.
flag.jpgComplete the sentences using on my own / by myself etc.
Key.2    my own
3    myself
4    himself
5    themselves
6    herself
7    their own
8    yourself
9    our own
10   her own

1    Did you go on holiday on   your own   ?
2    I'm glad I live with other people. I wouldn't like to live on _____________.
3    The box was too heavy for me to lift by _____________.
4    'Who was Tom with when you saw him?'    'Nobody. He was by _____________.'
5    Very young children should not go swimming by _____________.
6    I don't think she knows many people. When I see her, she is always by _____________.
7    I don't like strawberries with cream. I like them on _____________.
8    Do you like working with other people or do you prefer working by _____________?
9    We had no help decorating the flat. We did it completely on _____________.
10  I went out with Sally because she didn't want to go out on _____________.

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