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Unit 92. Relative clauses 1: clauses with who / that / which

Unit 92; Part A

galka.jpgLook at this example sentence:92.1.jpg

   •    An architect is someone who designs buildings.
   •    What was the name of the person who phoned you?
   •    Anyone who wants to apply for the job must do so by Friday.

You can also use that
(instead of who), but you can't use which for people:
   •    The woman that lives next door is a doctor.  (not the woman which)

Sometimes you must use who
(not that) for people - see Unit 95.

Unit 92; Part B

galka.jpgWhen we are talking about things, we use that or which (not who) in a relative clause:
   •    I don't like stories that have unhappy endings (or stories which have ...)
   •    Barbara works for a company that makes furniture (or a company which makes furniture)
   •    The machine that broke down is working again now. (or The machine which broke down)

is more usual than which, but sometimes you must use which
- see Unit 95.

Unit 92; Part C

galka.jpgWhat = 'the thing(s) that'. Compare what and that:

   •    What happened was my fault.  (= the thing that happened)
   •    Everything that happened was my fault.  (not Everything what happened)
   •    The machine that broke down is now working again. (not The machine what broke down)

Unit 92; Part C

galka.jpgRemember that in relative clauses we use who/that/which, not he/she/they/it:
   •    I've never spoken to the woman who lives next door (not the woman she lives)


flag.jpgIn this exercise you have to explain what some words mean. Choose the right meaning from the box and then write a sentence with who. Use a dictionary if necessary.
Key.2    A burglar is someone who breaks into a house to steal things.
3    A customer is someone who buys something from a shop.
4    A shoplifter is someone who steals from a shop.
5    A coward is someone who is not brave.
6    An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in God.
7    A pessimist is someone who expects the worst to happen.
8    A tenant is someone who pays rent to live in a house or flat.
1    (an architect)
2    (a burglar)
3    (a customer)
4    (a shoplifter)
5    (a coward)
6    (an atheist)
7    (a pessimist)      
8    (a tenant)
An architect is someone who designs buildings.  
A burglar is someone _________________________
flag.jpgMake one sentence from two. Use who/that/which.
Key.2    The waitress who/that served us was impolite and impatient.
3    The building that/which was destroyed in the fire has now been rebuilt.
4    The people who/that were arrested have now been released.
5    The bus that/which goes to the airport runs every half hour.

1    A girl was injured in the accident. She is now in hospital.
      The girl who was injured in accident is now in hospital.   
2    A waitress served us. She was impolite and impatient.
     The _________________________________________________
3    A building was destroyed in the fire. It has now been rebuilt.
     The _________________________________________________
4    Some people were arrested. They have now been released.
     The _________________________________________________
5    A bus goes to the airport. It runs every half hour.
     The _________________________________________________
flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Choose the best ending from the box and change it into a relative clause.
Key.2    who/that runs away from home
3    that/which were on the wall
4    that/which cannot be explained
5    who/that stole my car
6    that/which gives you the meaning of words
7    who/that invented the telephone
8    that/which can support life

he invented the telephone
she runs away from home    
they stole my car
they were on the wall
it makes furniture
it gives you the meaning of words
it can support life
it cannot be explained
1    Barbara works for a company    that makes furniture   
2    The book is about a girl _______________________
3    What happened to the pictures _______________________
4    A mystery is something _______________________
5    The police have caught the men _______________________
6    A dictionary is a book _______________________
7    Alexander Bell was the man _______________________
8    It seems that the earth is the only planet _______________________
flag.jpgAre these sentences right or wrong? Correct them where necessary.
Key.3    that/which sells
4    who/that caused
5    OK (who took is also correct)
6    that/which is changing
7    OK (which were is also correct)
8    that/which won
1    I don't like stories who have unhappy endings.
2    What was the name of the person who phoned you?
3    Where's the nearest shop who sells newspapers?
4    The driver which caused the accident was fined £500.
5    Do you know the person that took these photographs?
6    We live in a world what is changing all the time.
7    Dan said some things about me that were not true.
8    What was the name of the horse it won the race?

stories that have      

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