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Unit 109. Word order 1: verb + object; place and time

Unit 109; Part A

galka.jpgVerb + object
The verb and the object normally go together. We do not usually put other words between them:

Unit 109; Part B

galka.jpgPlace and time
Usually the verb and the place (where?) go together:

       go home    live in a city    walk to work etc.

If the verb has an object, the place comes after the verb + object:

       take somebody home    meet a friend in the street

(when? / how often? / how long?) usually goes after place:


flag.jpgIs the word order right or wrong? Correct the sentences where necessary.
Key.3    Joe doesn't like football very much.
4    OK
5    I ate my breakfast quickly and ...
6    ... a lot of people to the party?
7    OK
8    Did you go to bed late last night?
9    OK
10  I met a friend of mine on my way home.

1    Everybody enjoyed the party very much.   
2    Ben walks every morning to work.
3    Joe doesn't like very much football.       
4    I drink three or four cups of coffee every morning.   
5    I ate quickly my breakfast and went out.       
6    Are you going to invite to the party a lot of people?      
7    I phoned Tom immediately after hearing the news.   
8    Did you go late to bed last night?       
9    Did you learn a lot of things at school today?       
10  I met on my way home a friend of mine. 
 Ben walks to work every moning. 

flag.jpgPut the parts of the sentence in the correct order.
Key.2    We won the game easily.
3    I closed the door quietly.
4    Diane speaks German quite well.
5    Sam watches TV all the time.
6    Please don't ask that question again.
7    Does Kevin play football every weekend?
8    I borrowed some money from a friend of mine.

1    (the party / very much / everybody enjoyed)
        Everybody enjoyed the party very much.       
2    (we won / easily / the game)  
3    (quietly / the door /I closed)  
4    (Diane / quite well / speaks / German) 
5    (Sam / all the time / TV / watches)  
6    (again / please don't ask / that question)
7    (football / every weekend / does Kevin play?)
8    (some monev / I borrowed / from a friend of mine)

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Put the parts in the correct order.
Key.2    I go to the supermarket every Friday.
3    Why did you come home so late?
4    Sarah takes her children to school every day.
5    I haven't been to the cinema recently.
6    Please write your name at the top of the page.
7    I remembered her name after a few minutes.
8    We walked around the town all morning.
9    I didn't see you at the party on Saturday night.
10  We found some interesting books in the library.
11  Jackie left her umbrella in a restaurant last night.
12  They are building a new hotel opposite the park.

1    (for a long time / have lived / in the same house)
     They    have lived in the same house for a long time   .
2    (to the supermarket / every Friday / go)
      I __________________________________________.
3    (home / did you come / so late)
     Why _______________________________________.
4    (her children / takes / every day / to school)
     Sarah ______________________________________.
5    (been / recently / to the cinema)
     I haven't ____________________________________.
6    (at the top of the page / your name / write)
     Please _____________________________________.
7    (her name / after a few minutes / remembered)
8    (around the town / all morning / walked)
     We _________________________________________.
9    (on Saturday night / didn't see you / at the party)
     I ___________________________________________.
10  (some interesting books / found / in the library)
      We _________________________________________.
11  (her umbrella / last night / in a restaurant / left)
      Jackie _______________________________________.
12  (opposite the park / a new hotel / are building)
      They ________________________________________.

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