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Unit 107. Comparison 3 (as ... as / than)

Unit 107; Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:107.1.jpg

Some more examples of not as ... (as):

    •   Richard isn't as old as he looks.  (= he looks older than he is)
    •   The town centre wasn't as crowded as usual.  (= it is usually more crowded)
    •   Jenny didn't do as well in the exam as she had hoped.  (= she had hoped to do better)
    •   The weather is better today. It's not as cold (= yesterday was colder)
    •   I don't know as many people as you do.  (= you know more people)
    •   'How much did it cost? Fifty pounds?'    'No, not as much as that.' (= less than fifty poundsl

You can also say not so ... (as):

    •   It's not warm, but it isn't so cold as yesterday.  (= it isn't as cold as ...)

Less ... than
is similar to not as ... as:

    •   I spent less money than you.  (= I didn't spend as much money as you)
    •   The city centre was less crowded than usual.  (= it wasn't as crowded as usual)

Unit 107; Part B

galka.jpgWe also use as ... as (but not so ... as) in positive sentences and in questions:

    •   I'm sorry I'm late. I got here as fast as I could.
    •   There's plenty of food. You can have as much as you want.
    •   Let's walk. It's just as quick as taking the bus.
    •   Can you send me the money as soon as possible, please?

Also twice as ... as, three times as ... as
etc. :
    •   Petrol is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.
    •   Their house is about three times as big as ours.

Unit 107; Part C

galka.jpgWe say the same as (not the same like):

    •   Laura's salary is the same as mine.    or    Laura gets the same salary as me.
    •   David is the same age as James.
    •   'What would you like to drink?'    'I'll have the same as you.'

Unit 107; Part D

galka.jpgThan me / than I am etc.
You can say:
    •   You're taller than I am.  (not usually You're taller than I)  
    •   He's not as clever as she is.
    •   They have more money than we have.
    •   I can't run as fast as he can.

or    You're taller than me.
or    He's not as clever as her.
or    They have more money than us.
or    I can't run as fast as him. 


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using as ... as.
Key.2    My salary isn't as high as yours.
3    You don't know as much about cars as me.   or   ...as I do.
4    It isn't as cold as it was yesterday.
5    I don't feel as tired as I did yesterday. or ... as I felt yesterday.
6    Our neighbours haven't lived here as long as us.    or    ...as we have.
7    I wasn't as nervous (before the interview) as I usually am.    or    ... as usual.

1    I'm quite tall, but you are taller.
      I'm not    as tall as you   .   
2    My salary is high, but yours is higher.
      My salary isn't __________________.
3    You know a bit about cars, but I know more.
      You don't __________________.
4    It's still cold, but it was colder yesterday.
      It isn't __________________.
5    I still feel quite tired, but I felt a lot more tired yesterday.
      I don't __________________.
6    Our neighbours have lived here for quite a long time, but we've lived here longer.
     Our neighbours haven't __________________.
7    I was a bit nervous before the interview, but usually I'm a lot more nervous.
     I wasn't __________________.

flag.jpgWrite a new sentence with the same meaning.
Key.3    The station wasn't as far as I thought.
4    The meal cost less than I expected.
5    I don't go out as much as I used to.   or   ... as often as I used to.
6    Karen used to have longer hair.
7    You don't know them as well as me.   or   ... as I do.
8    There aren't as many people at this meeting as at the last one.

1    Richard is younger than he looks.  Richard isn't    as old as he looks  .   
2    I didn't spend as much money as you.  You   spent more money than me  .   
3    The station was nearer than I thought.  The station wasn't ______________________.
4    The meal didn't cost as much as I expected. The meal cost ______________________.
5    I go out less than I used to.  I don't ______________________.
6    Karen's hair isn't as long as it used to be.  Karen used to ______________________.
7    I know them better than you do.  You don't ______________________.
8    There are fewer people at this meeting than at the last one. There aren't ______________________.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using as ... as + the following:
Key.2    as well as
3    as long as
4    as soon as
5    as often as
6    as quietly as
7    just as comfortable as
8    just as well-qualified as
9    just as bad as
bad        comfortable       fast       long       often        quietly     soon        well       well-qualified
1    I'm sorry I'm late. I got here    as fast as    I could.
2    It was a difficult question. I answered it _________________ I could.
3    'How long can I stay with you?'    'You can stay _________________ you like.'
4    I need the information quickly, so let me know _________________ possible.
5    I like to keep fit. so I go swimming _________________ I can.
6    I didn't want to wake anybody, so I came in _________________ I could.

In the following sentences use just as... as.

7    I'm going to sleep on the floor. It's _________________ the bed.
8    Why did he get the job rather than me? I'm _________________ him.
9    At first I thought he was nice, but really he's _________________ everybody else.

flag.jpgWrite sentences using the same as.
Key.2    Your hair is the same colour as mine.
3    I arrived at the same time as you (did).
4    My birthday is the same day as Tom's. or My birthday is the same as Tom's.

1    David and James are both 22 years old.  David   is the same age as James  .   
2    You and I both have dark brown hair.  Your hair __________________________.
3    I arrived at 10.25 and so did you.  I __________________________.
4    My birthday is 5 April. Tom's birthday is 5 April too.  My __________________________.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences with than ... or as ....
Key.2    than him / than he does
3    as me / as I do
4    than us / than we were
5    than her / than she is
6    as them / as they have been

1    I can't reach as high as you.  You are taller    than me  .   
2    He doesn't know much.  I know more ___________.
3    I don't work particularly hard.  Most people work as hard ___________.
4    We were very surprised.   Nobody was more surprised ___________.
5    She's not a very good player.  I'm a better player ___________.
6    Thev've been very luckv.  I wish we were as lucky ___________.

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