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Unit 106. Comparison 2 (much better / any better / better and better / the sooner the better)

Unit 106; Part A

galka.jpgBefore comparatives you can use:
        much        a lot       far (= a lot)        a bit        a little       slightly (= a little)

     •   Let's go by car. It's much cheaper(or a lot cheaper)
     •   'How do you feel?'    'Much better, thanks.'
     •   Don't go by train. It's a lot more expensive.
  (or much more expensive)
     •   Could you speak a bit more slowly (or a little more slowly)
     •   This bag is slightly heavier than the other one.
     •   Her illness was far more serious than we thought at first. 
(or much more serious / a lot more serious)

Unit 106; Part B

galka.jpgYou can use any and no + comparative (any longer / no bigger etc.):

     •   I've waited long enough. I'm not waiting any longer (= not even a little longer)
     •   We expected their house to be very big, but it's no bigger than ours.   or ... it isn't any bigger than ours. 
(= not even a little bigger)
     •   How do you feel now? Do you feel any better?
     •   This hotel is better than the other one, and it's no more expensive.

Unit 106; Part C

Better and better / more and more

We repeat comparatives (better and better etc.) to say that something changes continuously:
     •   Your English is improving. It's getting better and better.
     •   The city is growing fast. It's getting bigger and bigger.
     •   Cathy got more and more bored in her job. In the end she left.
     •   These days more and more people are learning English.

Unit 106; Part D

galka.jpgThe ... the ...
You can say the
(sooner/bigger/more etc.) the better:
     •   'What time shall we leave?'    'The sooner the better.'  (= as soon as possible)
     •   A: What sort of box do you want? A big one?
          B: Yes, the bigger the better.
  (= as big as possible)
     •   When you're travelling, the less luggage you have the better.

We also use the ... the ... to say that one thing depends on another thing:

     •   The warmer the weather, the better I feel.  (= if the weather is warmer, I feel better)
     •   The sooner we leave, the earlier we will arrive.
     •   The younger you are, the easier it is to learn.
     •   The more expensive the hotel, the better the service.
     •   The more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be.
     •   The more I thought about the plan, the less I liked it.

Unit 106; Part E

galka.jpgOlder and elder
The comparative of old is older:

     •   David looks older than he really is.

You can use elder
(or older) when you talk about people in a family. You can say (my/your etc.) elder sister/brother/daughter/son:
     •   My elder sister is a TV producer.  (or My older sister ...)

We say 'my elder sister', but we do not say that 'somebody is elder':

     •   My sister is older than me.  (not elder than me)


flag.jpgUse the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use much / a bit etc. + a comparative form. Use than where necessary.
Key.2    much bigger
3    much more complicated than
4    a bit cooler
5    far more interesting than
6    a bit more slowly
7    a lot easier
8    slightly older

1    Her illness was    much more serious than    we thought at first.  (much / serious)
2    This bag is too small. I need something ____________________________. (much / big)
3    I'm afraid the problem is ____________________________ it seems.  (much /complicated)
4    It was very hot yesterday. Today it's ____________________________. (a bit/cool)
5    I enjoyed our visit to the museum. It was ____________________________ I expected. (far / interesting)
6    You're driving too fast. Can you drive ____________________________?  (a bit / slowly)
7    It's ____________________________ to learn a foreign language in a country where it is spoken.  (a lot / easy)
8    I thought she was younger than me, but in fact she's ____________________________. (slightly /old)

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using any/no + comparative. Use than where necessary.
Key.2    any sooner / any earlier
3    no higher than / no more expensive than
4    any further / farther
5    no worse than

1    I've waited long enough. I'm not waiting    any longer  !   
2    I'm sorry I'm a bit late, but I couldn't get here _____________.
3    This shop isn't expensive. The prices are _____________ anywhere else.
4    I need to stop for a rest. I can't walk _____________.
5    The traffic isn't particularly bad today. It's _____________ usual.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the structure in Section С (... and ...).
Key.2    bigger and bigger
3    heavier and heavier
4    more and more nervous
5    worse and worse
6    more and more expensive
7    better and better
8    more and more talkative

1    Cathy got    more and more bored    in her job. In the end she left.  (bored)
2    That hole in your sweater is getting _________________. (big)
3    My bags seemed to get _________________ as I carried them.  (heavy)
4    As I waited for my interview, I became _________________. (nervous)
5    As the day went on, the weather got _________________. (bad)
6    Health care is becoming _________________. (expensive)
7    Since Anna went to Canada, her English has got _________________. (good)
8    As the conversation went on, Paul became _________________. (talkative)

flag.jpgThese sentences are like those in Section D. Use the words in brackets (in the correct form) to complete the sentences.
Key.2    the more I liked him    or    the more I got to like him
3    the more profit you (will) make   or   the higher your profit (will be)   or   the more your profit (will be)
4    the harder it is to concentrate
5    the more impatient she became

1    I like warm weather.
     The warmer the weather,    the better I    feel   .  (feel)
2    I didn't really like him when we first met.
     But the more I got to know him, __________________. (like)
3    If you're in business, you want to make a profit.
     The more goods you sell, __________________.  (profit)
4    It's hard to concentrate when you're tired.
     The more tired you are, __________________.  (hard)
5    Kate had to wait a very long time.
     The longer she waited __________________.  (impatient / become)

flag.jpgWhich is correct, older or elder? Or both of them?
Key.2    older
3    older   or   elder
4    older

1    My older / elder sister is a TV producer.  (older and elder are both correct)
2    I'm surprised Diane is only 25. I thought she was older / elder.
3    Jane's younger sister is still at school. Her older / elder sister is a nurse.
4    Martin is older / elder than his brother.

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