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Unit 103. Enough and too

Unit 103; Part A

103.1.jpggalka.jpgEnough goes after adjectives and adverbs:                                     

   •   I can't run very far. I'm not fit enough.
  (not enough fit)
   •   Let's go. We've waited long enough.
   •   Is Joe going to apply for the job? Is he experienced enough?

Compare too ... and not ... enough:

   •   You never stop working. You work too hard.  (= more than is necessary)
   •   You're lazy. You don't work hard enough.  (= less than is necessary)

Unit 103; Part B

galka.jpgEnough normally goes before nouns:

   •   I can't run very far. I haven't got enough energy (not energy enough)
   •   Is Joe going to apply for the job? Does he have enough experience?
   •   We've got enough money. We don't need any more.
   •   Some of us had to sit on the floor because there weren't enough chairs.

Note that we say:

   •   We didn't have enough time (not the time wasn't enough)
   •   There is enough money (not the money is enough)

You can use enough alone
(without a noun):
   •   We don't need any more money. We've got enough.

Compare too much/many and enough:

   •   There's too much furniture in this room. There's not enough space.
   •   There were too many people and not enough chairs.

Unit 103; Part C

galka.jpgWe say enough/too ... for somebody/something:

   •   We haven't got enough money for a holiday.
   •   Is Joe experienced enough for the job?
   •   This shirt is too big for me. I need a smaller size.

But we say enough/too ... to do something (not for doing).
For example:
   •   We haven't got enough money to go on holiday.  (not for going)
   •   Is Joe experienced enough to do the job?
   •   They're too young to get married. / They're not old enough to get married.
   •   Let's get a taxi. It's too far to walk home from here.
   •   The bridge is just wide enough for two cars to pass each other.


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using enough + the following words:
Key.3    enough money
4    enough milk
5    warm enough
6    enough room
7    well enough
8    enough time
9    enough qualifications
10  big enough
11  enough cups

big      chairs      cups      fit      milk      money      qualifications      room      time      warm      well
1    I can't run very far. I'm not    fit enouth  .   
2    Some of us had to sit on the floor because there weren't   enouth chairs  .   
3    I'd like to buy a car, but I haven't got ____________ at the moment.
4    Have you got ____________ in your coffee or would you like some more?
5    Are you ____________? Or shall I switch on the hearing?
6    It's only a small car. There isn't ____________ for all of us.
7    Steve didn't feel ____________ to go to work this morning.
8    I enjoyed my trip to Paris, but there wasn't ____________ to do everything I wanted.
9    Do you think I've got ____________ to apply for the job?
10  Try this jacket on and see if it's ____________ for you.
11  There weren't ____________ for everybody to have coffee at the same time.

flag.jpgMake one sentence from two. Complete the new sentence using too or enough.
Key.2    This coffee is too hot to drink.
3    The piano was too heavy to move.
4    These apples aren't / are not ripe enough to eat.
5    The situation is too complicated to explain.
6    The wall was too high to climb over.
7    This sofa isn't / is not big enough for three people (to sit on).
8    Some things are too small to see without a microscope.

1    We couldn't carry the boxes. They were too heavy.
      The boxes were too heavy to carry.                            
2    I can't drink this coffee. It's too hot.
     This coffee is _________________________________
3    Nobody could move the piano. It was too heavy.
     The piano ____________________________________
4    Don't eat these apples. They're nor ripe enough.
     These apples _________________________________
5    I can't explain the situation. It is too complicated.
      The situation _________________________________
6    We couldn't climb over the wall. It was too high.
     The wall ______________________________________
7    Three people can't sit on this sofa. It isn't big enough.
     This sofa _____________________________________
8    You can't see some things without a microscope. They are too small.
     Some ________________________________________

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