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Unit 98. Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed (boring/bored etc.)

Unit 98; Part A

galka.jpgThere are many adjectives ending in -ing and -ed, for example: boring and bored. Study this example situation:
Somebody is bored if something (or somebody else) is boring. Or, if something is boring, it makes you bored. So:
    •    Jane is bored because her job is boring.
    •    Jane's job is boring, so Jane is bored.
  (not Jane is boring)

If a person is boring, this means that they make other people bored:

    •    George always talks about the same things. He's really boring.

Unit 98; Part B

galka.jpgCompare adjectives ending in -ing and -ed:
In these examples, the -ing adjective tells you about the job.
In these examples, the -ed adjective tells you how somebody feels (about the job).
Compare these examples:
    •    Julia thinks politics is interesting.
    •    Did you meet anyone interesting at the party?


    •    Julia is interested in politics. (not interesting in politics)
    •    Are you interested in buying a car? I'm trying to sell mine.

    •    It was surprising that he passed the exam.


    •    Everybody was surprised that he passed the exam.
    •    The film was disappointing. We expected it to be much better.
    •    We were disappointed with the film. We expected it to be much better.
    •    The news was shocking. 


    •    I was shocked when I heard the news. 


flag.jpgComplete the sentences for each situation. Use the word in brackets + -ing or -ed.
Key.2    a    exhausting
      b    exhausted
3    a    depressing
      b    depressed
      c    depressed
4    a    exciting
      b    exciting
      с    excited

1   The film wasn't as good as we had expected.  (disappoint...)
    a   The film was    disappointing  .  
     b   We were    disappointeed   with the film.
2   Donna teaches young children. It's a very hard job, but she enjoys it.  (exhaust...)
    a   She enjoys her job, but it's often ________________.
    b   At the end of a day's work, she is often ________________.
3   It's been raining all day. I hate this weather.  (depress...)
    a   This weather is ________________.
    b   This weather makes me ________________.
    с   It's silly to get ________________ because of the weather.
4   Clare is going to Mexico next month. She has never been there before.  (excit...)
    a   It will be an ________________ experience for her.
    b   Going to new places is always ________________.
    с   She is really ________________ about going to Mexico.

flag.jpgChoose the correct word.
Key.2    interested
3    exciting
4    embarrassing
5    embarrassed
6    amazed
7    astonishing
8    amused
9    terrifying ... shocked
10  bored ... boring
11  boring ... interesting

1    I was disappointing / disappointed with the film. I had expected it to be better. (disappointed is correct)
2    Are you interesting / interested in football?
3    The football match was very exciting / excited, I enjoyed it.
4    It's sometimes embarrassing / embarrassed when you have to ask people for money.
5    Do you easily get embarrassing / embarrassed?
6    I had never expected to get the job. I was really amazing / amazed when I was offered it.
7    She has really learnt very fast. She has made astonishing / astonished progress.
8    I didn't find the situation funny. I was not amusing / amused.
9    It was a really terrifying / terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocking / shocked.
10  Why do you always look so boring / bored? Is your life really so boring / bored?
11  He's one of the most boring / bored people I've ever met. He never stops talking and he never says anything interesting / interested.

flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a word from the box.
Key.2    bored
3    confusing
4    disgusting
5    interested
6    annoyed
7    boring
8    exhausted
9    excited
10  amusing
11  interesting
1    He works very hard. It's not    suprising    that he's always tired.
2    I've got nothing to do. I'm ____________.
3    The teacher's explanation was ____________. Most of the students didn't understand it.
4    The kitchen hadn't been cleaned for ages. It was really ____________.
5    I seldom visit art galleries. I'm not particularly ____________ in art.
6    There's no need to get ____________ just because I'm a few minutes late.
7    The lecture was ____________ I fell asleep.
8    I've been working very hard all day and now I'm ____________.
9    I'm starting a new job next week. I'm very ____________ about it.
10  Steve is very good at telling funny stories. He can be very ____________.
11  Liz is a very ____________ person. She knows a lot, she's travelled a lot and she's done lots of different things.

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