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Unit 117. Like and as

Unit 117; Part A

galka.jpgLike = 'similar to', 'the same as'. You cannot use as in this way:

      What a beautiful house! It's like a palace.  (not as a palace)
      'What does Sandra do?'    'She's a teacher, like me.'
  (not as me)
      Be careful! The floor has been polished. It's like walking on ice
(not as walking)
       It's raining again. I hate weather like this(not as this)

In these sentences, like is a preposition. So it is followed by a noun
(like a palace), a pronoun (like me / like this) or -ing (like walking).
You can also say '... like (somebody/something) doing something':
      'What's that noise?'    'It sounds like a baby crying.'

Unit 117; Part B

galka.jpgSometimes like = for example:
      Some sports, like motor-racing, can be dangerous.

You can also use
such as (= for example):
      Some sports, such as motor-racing, can be dangerous.

Unit 117; Part C

galka.jpgAs = in the same way as, or in the same condition as. We use as before subject + verb:

      I didn't move anything. I left everything as it was.
      You should have done it as I showed you.

is also possible in informal spoken English:

      I left everything like it was.

Compare as and like:

      You should have done it as I showed you.  (or like I showed you)
      You should have done it like this
(not as this)

Note that we say as usual / as always:

      You're late as usual.
      As always, Nick was the first to complain.

Unit 117; Part D

galka.jpgSometimes as (+ subject + verb) has other meanings. For example, after do:

      You can do as you like (= do what you like)
      They did as they promised.
  (= They did what they promised.)

We also say as you know / as I said / as she expected / as I thought
etc. :
      As you know, it's Emma's birthday next week.  (= you know this already)
      Andy failed his driving test, as he expected
(= he expected this before)

is not usual in these expressions, except with say
(like I said):
      As I said yesterday, I'm sure we can solve the problem.    or   Like I said yesterday ...

Unit 117; Part E

galka.jpgAs can also be a preposition, but the meaning is different from like.Compare:

      Sue Casey is the manager of a company. As the manager, she has to make many important decisions.
        (As the manager = in her position as the manager.)   
      Mary Stone is the assistant manager. Like the manager (Sue Casey), she also has to make important decisions.
         (Like the manager = similar to the manager)

As (preposition) = in the position of, in the form of etc. :
      A few years ago I worked as a taxi driver (not like a taxi driver)
      We haven't got a car, so we use the garage as a workshop.
      Many words, for example 'work' and 'rain', can be used as verbs or nouns.
      London is fine as a place to visit, but I wouldn't like to live there.
      The news of the tragedy came as a great shock.


flag.jpgIn some of these sentences, you need like (not as). Correct the sentences where necessary.
Key.3    like her mother
4    people like him
5    OK
6    like most of his friends
7    like talking to the wall
8    OK
9    OK
10  OK
11  like a bomb exploding
12  like a fish

1    It's raining again. I hate weather as this.
2    Andy failed his driving test, as he expected.
3    Do you think Caroline looks as her mother?       
4    Tim gets on my nerves. I can't stand people as him.   
5    Why didn't you do it as I told you to do it?       
6    Brian is a student, as most of his friends.       
7    You never listen. Talking to you is as talking to the wall.
8    As I said yesterday, I'm thinking of changing my job.
9    Tom's idea seems a good one. Let's do as he suggests.
10  I'll phone you tomorrow as usual, OK?       
11  Suddenly there was a terrible noise. It was as a bomb exploding.
12  She's a very good swimmer. She swims as a fish. 
weather like this 


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using like or as + the following:
Key.2    like blocks of ice
3    like a beginner
4    as a tourist guide
5    like a church
6    as a birthday present
7    like winter
8    like a child

a beginner    blocks of ice    a palace    a birthday present
a child          a church          winter        a tourist guide
1    This house is beautiful. It's    like a palace  .   
2    My feet are really cold. They're ___________________.
3    I've been playing tennis for years, but I still play ___________________.
4    Marion once had a part-time job ___________________.
5    I wonder what that building with the tower is. It looks ___________________.
6    My brother gave me this watch ___________________ a long time ago.
7    It's very cold for the middle of summer. It's ___________________.
8    He's 22 years old, but he sometimes behaves ___________________.

flag.jpgPut in like or as. Sometimes either word is possible.
Key.2    like
3    as
4    like
5    like
6    as (like is also possible)
7    like
8    as
9    as
10  like
11  like
12  as
13  as
14  Like
15  as
16  As
17  like
18  as (like is also possible)

1    We heard a noise    like    a baby crying.
2    Your English is very fluent. I wish I could speak __________ you.
3    Don't take my advice if you don't want to. You can do __________ you like.
4    You waste too much time doing things __________ sitting in cafés all day.
5    I wish I had a car __________ yours.
6    You don't need to change your clothes. You can go out __________ you are.
7    My neighbour's house is full of lots of interesting things. It's __________ a museum.
8    We saw Kevin last night. He was very cheerful, __________ always.
9    Sally has been working __________ a waitress for the last two months.
10  While we were on holiday, we spent most of our time doing energetic things __________ sailing, water skiing and swimming.
11  You're different from the other people I know. I don't know anyone __________ you.
12  We don't need all the bedrooms in the house, so we use one of them __________ a study.
13  The news that Sue and Gary were getting married came __________ a complete surprise to me.
14  __________ her father, Catherine has a very good voice.
15 At the moment I've got a temporary job in a bookshop. It's OK__________ a temporary job, but I wouldn't like to do it permanently.
16  __________ you can imagine, we were very tired after such a long journey.
17  This tea is awful. It tastes __________ water.
18  I think I prefer this room __________ it was, before we decorated it.

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