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Unit 114. In case

Unit 114; Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:
Some more examples of in case:
    •    I'll leave my mobile phone switched on in case Jane calls (= because it is possible she will call)
    •    I'll draw a map for you in case you have difficulty finding our house.
  (= because it is possible you will have difficulty)
    •    I'll remind them about the meeting in case they've forgotten
(= because it is possible they have forgotten)

We use just in case for a smaller possibility:
    •    I don't think it will rain, but I'll take an umbrella just in case.
  (= just in case it rains)

Do not use will after in case. Use a present tense for the future
(see Unit 25):
    •    I'll leave my phone switched on in case Jane calls (not in case Jane will call)

Unit 114; Part B

galka.jpgIn case is not the same as if. We use in case to say why somebody does (or doesn't do) something. You do something now in case something happens later.

in case
    •    We'll buy some more food in case Tom comes.
(= Perhaps Tom will come; we'll buy some more food now, whether he comes or not; then we'll already have the food if he comes.)
    •    We'll buy some more food if Tom comes.
(= Perhaps Tom will come; if he comes, we'll buy some more food; if he doesn't come, we won't buy any more food.) 
    •    I'll give you my phone number in case you need to contact me.
    •    You should insure your bike in case it is stolen.
    •    You can phone me at the hotel if you need to contact me.
    •    You should inform the police if your bike is stolen.

Unit 114; Part C

galka.jpgYou can use in case + past to say why somebody did something:

    •    I left my phone switched on in case Jane called.  ( = because it was possible that Jane would call)
    •    I drew a map for Sarah in case she had difficulty finding the house.
    •    We rang the doorbell again in case they hadn't heard it the first time.

Unit 114; Part D

galka.jpgIn case of is not the same as in case. In case of ... = if there is ... (especially on notices etc.):

    •    In case of fire, please leave the building as quickly as possible.  (= if there is a fire)
    •    In case of emergency, telephone this number.  (= if there is an emergency)


flag.jpgBarbara is going for a long walk in the country. You think she should take:
Key.2-5 Take a map with you in case you get lost.
Take an anorak with you in case it rains.
Take a camera with you in case you want to take some photographs.
Take some water with you in case you're thirsty,   or ... you get thirsty.

some chocolate        a map        an anorak        a camera        some water
You think she should take these things because:
it's possible she'll get lost    she might get hungry
perhaps she'll be thirsty       maybe it will rain
she might want to take some photographs
What do you say to Barbara? Write sentences with in case.
1      Take some chocolate with you in case you get hungry.         
2      Take _________________________________________________
3      ______________________________________________________
4      ______________________________________________________

flag.jpgWhat do you say in these situations? Use in case.
Key.2    I'll say goodbye now in case I don't see you again (before you go).
3    Can you check the list in case we've forgotten something? or     ... forgotten anything?
4    You should back up your files in case the computer crashes.

1    It's possible that Mary will need to contact you, so you give her your phone number.
     You say:  Here's my phone number    in case you need to contact me.   
2   A friend of yours is going away for a long time. Maybe you won't seeher again before she goes, so you decide to say goodbye now.
     You say:  I'll say goodbye now __________________________________.   
3    You are shopping in a supermarket with a friend. You think youhave everything you need, but perhaps you've forgotten something. Yourfriend has the list. You ask her to check it.
     You say:  Can you __________________________________?
4    You are giving a friend some advice about using a computer. Youthink he should back up (= copy) his files because the computer mightcrash (and he would lose all his data).
     You say:   You should back up __________________________________.

flag.jpgWrite sentences with in case.
Key.2    He wrote down the name (of the book) in case he forgot it.
3    I phoned my parents in case they were worried (about me).
4    I sent (Liz) another email in case she hadn't received the first one.
5    I gave them my address in case they came to London (one day).

1    There was a possibility that Jane would call. So I left my phone switched on.
      I left    my phone switched on in case Jane calls    .
2    Mike thought that he might forget the name of the book. So he wrote it down.
     He wrote down ______________________________________.
3    I thought my parents might be worried about me. So I phoned them.
     I phoned ______________________________________.
4    I sent an email to Liz, but she didn't reply. So I sent another email because perhaps she hadn't received the first one.
     I sent ______________________________________.
5    I met some people when I was on holiday in France. They said theymight come to London one day. I live in London, so I gave them myaddress.
     I gave ______________________________________.

flag.jpgPut in in case or if.
Key.3    If
4    if
5    in case
6    if
7    if
8    in case
9    in case

1    I'll draw a map for you     in case    you have difficulty finding our house.
2    You should tell the police    if    you have any information about the crime.
3    I hope you'll come to London sometime. _________ you come, you can stay with us.
4    This letter is for Susan. Can you give it to her _________ you see her?
5    Write your name and address on your bag _________ you lose it.
6    Go to the lost property office _________ you lose your bag.
7    The burglar alarm will ring _________ somebody tries to break into the house.
8    You should lock your bike to something _________ somebody tries to steal it.
9    I was advised to get insurance _________ I needed medical treatment while I was abroad.

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