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Unit 145. Phrasal verbs 9. Away / back

Unit 145; Part A

galka.jpgCompare away and back:
away = away from home
      We're going away on holiday today.

away = away from a place, a person etc.
      The woman got into her car and drove away.
      I tried to take a picture of the bird, but it flew away.
      I dropped the ticket and it blew away in the wind.
      The police searched the house and took away a computer.

back = back home
      We'll be back in three weeks.

= back to a place, a person etc.
      A: I'm going out now.
      B: What time will you be back?
      After eating at a restaurant, we walked back to our hotel.
      I've still got Jane's keys. I forgot to give them back to her.
      When vou've finished with that book, can you put it back on the shelf?

In the same way you can say:
walk away, run away, look away
In the same way you can say:
go back, come back, get back, take something back

Unit 145; Part B

galka.jpgOther verbs + away
get away  = escape, leave with difficulty
   •    We tried to catch the thief, but he managed to get away.

get away with
  = do something wrong without being caught
   •    I parked in a no-parking zone, but I got away with it.

keep away
(from ...) 
= don't go near
   •    Keep away from the edge of the pool. You might fall in.

away = give it to somebody else because you don't want it any more
   •    'Did you sell your old computer?'    'No, I gave it away.'

something away
= put it in the place where it is kept, usually out of sight
   •    When the children had finished playing with their toys, they put them away.

something away 
= put it in the rubbish
   •    I kept the letter, but I threw away the envelope.

Unit 145; Part C

galka.jpgOther verbs + back
wave back / smile back / shout back / write back / hit somebody back

   •    I waved to her and she waved back.

(somebody) back  = return a phone call
   •    I can't talk to you now. I'll call you back in ten minutes.

get back to
  = reply to them by phone etc.
   •    I sent him an email, but he never got back to me.

look back
(on something)  = think about what happened in the past
   •    My first job was in a travel agency. I didn't like it very much at the time but, looking back on it, I learnt a lot and it was a very useful experience.

pay back
money, pay somebody back
   •    If you borrow money, you have to pay it back.
   •    Thanks for lending me the money. I'll pay you back next week.


flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a verb in the correct form.
Key.2    Pay
3    throw
4    gets
5    be
6    look
7    gave
8    get

1    The woman got into her car and    drove    away.
2    Here's the money you need. ________________ me back when you can.
3    Don't ________________ that box away. It could be useful.
4    Jane doesn't do anything at work. I don't know how she ________________ away with it.
5    I'm going out now. I'll ________________ back at about 10.30.
6    You should think more about the future; don't ________________ back all the time.
7    Gary is very generous. He won some money in the lottery and ________________ it all away.
8    I'll ________________ back to you as soon as I have the information you need.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Each time use a verb + away or back.
Key.2  be away / have gone away
3  be back
4  ran away
5  smile back
6  get away
7  Keep away

1    I was away all day yesterday. I     got back    very late.
2    I haven't seen our neighbours for a while. I think they must ____________________.
3    'I'm going out now.'    'OK. What time will you ____________________?'
4    A man was trying to break into a car. When he saw me, he ____________________.
5    I smiled at him, but he didn't ____________________.
6    If you cheat in the exam, you might ____________________ with it. But you might get caught.
7    Be careful! That's an electric fence. ____________________ from it.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use the verb in brackets + away or back.
Key.2    throw it away
3    take them back
4    pay you back / pay it back
5    gave them away
6    call back / call me back

1    A: Do you still have my keys?
     B: No. Don't you remember? I    gave them back    to you yesterday?  (give)
2    A: Do you want this magazine?
     B: No, I've finished with it. You can ____________________. (throw)
3    A: How are your new jeans? Do they fit you OK?
      B: No, I'm going to ____________________ to the shop.  (take)
4    A: Here's the money you asked me to lend you.
     B: Thanks. I'll ____________________ as soon as I can.  (pay)
5    A: What happened to all the books you used to have?
      B: I didn't want them any more, so I ____________________. (give)
6    A: Did you phone Sarah?
     B: She wasn't there. I left a message asking her to ____________________. (call)

Unit 144      Unit 145 forward.jpg

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