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Unit 144. Phrasal verbs 8. Up (2)

Unit 144; Part A

galka.jpgbring up a topic etc.  = introduce it in a conversation
      I don't want to hear any more about this matter. Please don't bring it up again.

come up
= be introduced in a conversation
      Some interesting matters came up in our discussion yesterday.

come up with
an idea, a suggestion
etc.  = produce an idea
      Sarah is very creative. She's always coming up with new ideas.

make something up
= invent something that is not true
      What Kevin told you about himself wasn't true. He made it all up.

Unit 144; Part B

galka.jpgcheer up = be happier, cheer somebody up = make somebody feel happier
      You look so sad! Cheer up!
      Helen is depressed ar the moment. What can we do to cheer her up?

save up
for something / to do something
= save money to buy something
      Dan is saving up for a trip round the world.

clear up
= become bright (for weather)
      It was raining when I got up, but it cleared up during the morning.

Unit 144; Part C

galka.jpgblow up = explode, blow something up = destroy it with a bomb etc.
      The engine caught fire and blew up.
      The bridge was blown up during the war.

up  = tear it into pieces
      I didn't read the letter. I just tore it up and threw it away.

somebody up
= hit someone repeatedly so that they are badly hurt
      A friend of mine was attacked and beaten up a few days ago. He was badly hurt and had to go to hospital.

Unit 144; Part D

galka.jpgbreak up / split up (with somebody)  = separate
      I'm surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have split up. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them.

do up
a coat, a shoelace, buttons
etc.  = fasten, tie etc.
      It's quite cold. Do up your coat before you go out.

do up
a building, a room
etc.  = repair and improve it
      The kitchen looks great now that it has been done up.

something up in a dictionary/encyclopaedia
      If you don't know the meaning of a word, you can look it up in a dictionary.

put up with
= tolerate it
      We live on a busy road, so we have to put up with a lot of noise from the traffic.

hold up
a person, a plan
etc.  = delay
      Don't wait for me. I don't want to hold you up.
      Plans to build a new factory have been held up because of the company's financial problems.

mix up
people/things, get people/things mixed up
= you think one is the other
      The two brothers look very similar. Many people mix them up.  (or ... get them mixed up)


flag.jpgWhich goes with which?
2 D
3 E
4 C
5 G
6 A
7 B


flag.jpgLook at the pictures and complete the sentences. You will need two or three words each time. 
Key.2    held up
3    did it up
4    cheer him up


flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Each time use a verb (in the correct form) + up. Sometimes you will need other words as well.
Key.2    blew up
3    beaten up
4    broken up / split up
5    did up
6    clears up
7    mixed up

1    Some interesting matters    came up    in our discussion yesterday.
2    The ship ________________ and sank. The cause of the explosion was never discovered.
3   Two men have been arrested after a man was ________________ outside arestaurant last night. The injured man was taken to hospital.
4    'Is Robert still going out with Tina?'     'No, they've ________________.'
5    I put my shoes on and ________________ the shoelaces.
6    The weather is horrible this morning, isn't it? I hope it ________________ later.
7    I wanted to phone Chris, but I dialled Laura's number by mistake. I got their phone numbers ________________.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Each time use a verb + up. Sometimes you will need other words as well.
Key.2    look it up
3    put up with
4    made it up
5    come up with
6    tear it up
7    saving up for

1    Don't wait for me. I don't want to    hold you up  .   
2    I don't know what this word means. I'll have to _______________.
3    There's nothing we can do about the problem. We'll just have to _______________ it.
4    'Was that story true?'    'No, I _______________.'
5    I think we should follow Tom's suggestion. Nobody has _______________ a better plan.
6    I hate this photograph. I'm going to _______________.
7    I'm trying to spend less money at the moment. I'm _______________ a trip to Australia.

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