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Unit 142. Phrasal verbs 6. Up / down

Unit 142; Part B

galka.jpgKnock down etc.
knock down a building / blow
something down / cut something down etc.
   •   Some old houses were knocked down to make way for the new shopping centre.
   •   Why did you cut down the tree in your garden?

be knocked down (by a car etc.)
   •   A man was knocked down by a car and taken to hospital.

Unit 142; Part C

galka.jpgDown= getting less
slow down   = go more slowly
   •   You're driving too fast. Slow down.

calm (somebody) down  = become calmer, make somebody calmer
   •   Calm down. There's no point in getting angry.

cut down
(on something)  = eat, drink or do something less often
   •   I'm trying to cut down on coffee. I drink far too much of it.

Unit 142; Part D

galka.jpgOther verbs + down
break down  = stop working (for machines, cars, relationships etc.)
   •   The car broke down and I had to phone for help.
   •   Their marriage broke down after only a few months.

close down / shut down
  = stop doing business
   •   There used to be a shop at the end of the street; it
closed down a few years ago.

down  = disappoint somebody because you didn't do what they hoped
   •   You can always rely on Pete. He'll never let you down.

down  = refuse an application, an offer etc.
   •   I applied for several jobs, but I was turned down for each one.
   •   Rachel was offered the job, but she decided to turn it down.

down  = write something on paper because you may need the information later
   •   I can't remember Tim's address. I wrote it down, but I can't find it.


flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use the following verbs (in the correct form) + up or down:      
Key.2    turn it down
3    calm him down
4    put them up
5    let her down
6    turned it down

calm        let        put       take        turn        turn
1    I don't like this picture on the wall. I'm going to    take it down   .   
2    The music is too loud. Can you ______________________.
3    David was very angry. I tried to ______________________.
4    I've bought some new curtains. Can you help me ______________________.
5    I promised I would help Anna. I don't want to ______________________.
6    I was offered the job, but I decided I didn't want it. So I ______________________.

flag.jpgFor each picture, complete the sentences using a verb + up or down. In most sentences you wil need other words as well.
Key.2    took them down
3    stand up
4    turned it up
5    put their bags down
6    were blown down / fell down wrote it down
S    bent down and picked them up


flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a verb (in the correct form) + down.
Key.2    calm down
3    slowed down
4    was turned down
5    broken down
6    cut down
7    let down
8    (has) closed down
9    be knocked down (or be pulled down or be torn down)
10  turned down
11  was knocked down
12  broke down

1    I stopped writing and     put down     my pen.
2    I was really angry. It took me a long time to _____________.
3    The train _____________ as it approached the station.
4    Sarah applied to study medicine at university, but she _____________.
5    Our car is very reliable. It has never _____________.
6    I need to spend less money. I'm going to _____________ on things I don't really need.
7    I didn't play very well. I felt that I had _____________ the other players in the team.
8    The shop _____________ because it was losing money.
9    This is a very ugly building. Many people would like it to _____________.
10 I can't understand why you _____________ the chance of working abroadfor a year. It would have been a great experience for you.
11  A: Did you see the accident? What happened exactly?
     B: A man _____________ by a car as he was crossing the road.
12  Peter got married when he was 20, but unfortunately the marriage _____________ a few years later.

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