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Unit 141. Phrasal verbs 5. On / off (2)

Unit 141; Part A

galka.jpgVerb + on = continue doing something
drive on / walk on / play on  = continue walking/driving/playing etc.
      Shall we stop at this petrol station or shall we drive on to the next one?

go on
= continue
      The party went on until 4 o'clock in the morning.

go on / carry on
(doing something)  = continue (doing something)
      We can't go on spending money like this. We'll have nothing left soon.
      I don't want to carry on working here. I'm going to look for another job.

Also go on with / carry on with something
      Don't let me disturb you. Please carry on with what you're doing.

keep on
doing something = do it continuously or repeatedly
      He keeps on criticising me. I'm fed up with it!

Unit 141; Part B

galka.jpgGet on
get on
= progress
      How are you getting on in your new job?
  (= How is it going?)

get on
(with somebody)  = have a good relationship
      Joanne and Karen don't get on. They're always arguing.
      Richard gets on well with his neighbours. They're all very friendly.

get on with
something = continue doing something you have to do, usually after an interruption
      I must get on with my work. I have a lot to do.

Unit 141; Part C

galka.jpgVerb + off
doze off / drop off / nod off = fall asleep
      The lecture wasn't very interesting. In fact I dropped off in the middle of it.

off = do the last part of something
      A: Have you finished painting the kitchen?
        B: Nearly. I'll finish it off tomorrow.

go off
= explode
      A bomb went off in the city centre, but fortunately nobody was hurt.

Also an alarm can go off = ring
      Did you hear the alarm go off?

put somebody
off (doing something)  = cause somebody not to want something or to something
      We wanted to go to the exhibition, but we were put off by the long queue.
      What put you off applying for the job? Was the salary too low?

rip somebody
off = cheat somebody (informal)
      Did you really pay £1,000 for that painting? I think you were ripped off.
(= you paid too much)

show off
= try to impress people with your ability, your knowledge etc.
      Look at that boy on the bike riding with no hands. He's just showing off.

somebody off
= speak angrily to somebody because they did something wrong
      Clare's mother told her off for wearing dirty shoes in the house.


flag.jpgChange the underlined words. Keep the same meaning, but use a verb + on or off.
Key.2    went on / carried on
3    walked on / carried on / carried on walking
4    dozed off / dropped off / nodded off
5    go on / carry on
6    went off
7    keeps on phoning me

1    Did you hear the bomb explode?
      Did you hear the bomb    go off  ?
2    The meeting continued longer than I expected.
     The meeting _________ longer than I expected.
3    We didn't stop to rest. We continued walking.
     We didn't stop to rest. We ________________.
4    I fell asleep while I was watching TV.
     I __________ while I was watching TV.
5    Gary doesn't want to retire. He wants to continue working.
     Gary doesn't want to retire. He wants to ________ working.
6    The fire alarm rang in the middle of the night.
     The fire alarm ____ in the middle of the night.
7    Martin phones me continuously. It's very annoying.
      Martin _______________________. It's very annoying.

flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a verb + on or off.
Key.2    went off
3    finish off
4    drive on / carry on
5    ripped off
6    getting on
7    dozed off / dropped off / nodded off
8    told off
9    get on
10  going off
11  keep on
12  get on
13  showing off
14  put off

1    We can't    go on    spending money like this. We'll have nothing left soon.
2    I was standing by the car when suddenly the alarm _______________.
3    I'm not ready to go home yet. I have a few things to  _______________.
4    'Shall I stop the car here?'    'No, _______________.'
5    Bill paid too much for the car he bought. I think he was _______________.
6    'Is Emma enjoying her course at university?'   'Yes, she's _______________ very well.'
7    I was very tired at work today. I nearly _______________ at my desk a couple of times.
8    Ben was _______________ by his boss for being late for work repeatedly.
9    I really like working with my colleagues. We all _______________ really well together.
10  There was a very loud noise. It sounded like a bomb _______________.
11  I _______________ making the same mistake. It's very frustrating.
12  I've just had a coffee break, and now I must _______________ with my work.
13  Peter is always trying to impress people. He's always _______________.
14    We decided not to go into the museum. We were _______________ by the cost of tickets.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use the following verbs (in the correct form) + on or off. Sometimes you will need other words as well:
Key.2    finish it off
3    were ripped off
4    go off
5    did you get on
6    carried on (playing) / went on (playing)
7    tell them off
8    doesn't get on (well) with
carry        finish       get       get       get       go       rip       tell
1    A: How    are you getting    in your new job?
     B: Fine, thanks. It's going very well.
2    A: Have you written the letter you had to write?
     B: I've started it. I'll ________________ in the morning.
3    A: We took a taxi to the airport. It cost £40.
     B: £40! Normally it costs about £20. You  ________________.
4    A: Why were you late for work this morning?
     B: I overslept. My alarm clock didn't ________________.
5    A: How ________________  in your interview? Do you think you'll get the job?
     B: I hope so. The interview was OK.
6    A: Did you stop playing tennis when it started to rain?
     B: No, we ________________. The rain wasn't very heavy.
7    A: Some children at the next table in the restaurant were behaving very badly.
      B: Why didn't their parents ________________?
8    A: Why does Paul want to leave his job?
     B: He ________________ his boss.

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