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Unit 140. Phrasal verbs 4. On / off (1)

Unit 140; Part A

galka.jpgOn and off for lights, machines etc.
We say:    the light is on / put the light on / leave the light on etc. turn the light on/off   or   switch the light on/off

      Shall I leave the lights on or turn them off?
      'Is the heating on?'     'No, I switched it off.'
      We need some boiling water, so I'll put the kettle on.

Also put on some music / a CD / a video
      I haven't listened to this CD yet. Shall I put it on?

Unit 140; Part B

galka.jpgOn and off for events etc.
go on 
= happen
      What's all that noise? What's going on
(= what's happening)

something off
= cancel it
      The open air concert had to be called off because of the weather.

something off, put off doing something
= delay it
      The wedding has been put off until January.
      We can't put off making a decision. We have to decide now.

Unit 140; Part C

galka.jpgOn and off for clothes etc.
put on clothes, glasses, make-up, a seat belt
      My hands were cold, so I put my gloves on.

Also put on weight
= get heavier
      I've put on two kilograms in the last month.

try on
(to see if they fit)
      I tried on a jacket in the shop, but it didn't fit me very well.

take off
clothes, glasses
      It was warm, so I took off my jacket.

Unit 140; Part D

galka.jpgOff = away from a person or place
be off (to a place)
      Tomorrow I'm off to Paris / I'm off on holiday.
(= I'm going to Paris / I'm going on holiday)

walk off / run off / drive off / ride off / go off
(similar to walk away / run away etc.)
      Diane got on her bike and rode off.
      Mark left home at the age of eighteen and went off to Canada.

set off
= start a journey
      We set off very early to avoid the traffic.
  (= We left early)

take off
= leave the ground (for planes)
      After a long delay the plane finally took off.

somebody off
= go with them to the airport/station to say goodbye
      Helen was going away. We went to the station with her to see her off.


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using put on + the following:
Key.2    put the heating on
3    put the oven on
4    put the kettle on
5    put a CD on

a CD       the heating       the kettle        the light        the oven
1    It was getting dark, so I    put the light on  .   
2    It was getting cold, so I _________________.
3    I wanted to bake a cake, so I _________________.
4    I wanted to make some tea, so I _________________.
5    I wanted to listen to some music, so I _________________.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Each time use a verb + on or off.
Key.2    going on
3    take off
4    switched off / turned off
5    drove off / went off
6    put on
7    set off/be off
8    put off
9    called off
10  put on
11  see me off

1    It was warm, so I    took off    my jacket.
2    What are all these people doing? What's _____________________?
3    The weather was too bad for the plane to _____________________, so the flight was delayed.
4    I didn't want to be disturbed, so I _____________________ my mobile phone.
5    Rachel got into her car and _____________________ at high speed.
6    Tim has _____________________ weight since I last saw him. He used to be quite thin.
7    A: What time are you leaving tomorrow?
     B: I'm not sure yet, but I'd like to _____________________ as early as possible.
8    Don't _____________________ until tomorrow what you can do today.
9   There was going to be a strike by bus drivers, but now they have beenoffered more money and the strike has been _____________________.   
10  Are you cold? Shall I get you a sweater to _____________________?
11  When I go away, I prefer to be alone at the station or airport. Idon't like it when people come to _____________________ me_____________________.

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