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Unit 139. Phrasal verbs 3. Out

Unit 139; Part A

galka.jpgout = not burning, not shining
go out
put out a fire / a cigarette / a light
turn out a light
blow out a candle

   •   Suddenly all the lights in the building went out.
   •   We managed to put the fire out.
   •   I turned the lights out before leaving.
   •   We don't need the candle. You can blow it out.

Unit 139; Part B

galka.jpgwork out
work out
  = do physical exercises
   •   Rachel works out at the gym three times a week.

work out 
= develop, progress
   •   Good luck for the future. I hope everything works out well for you.
   •   A: Why did James leave the company?
       B: Things didn't work out
(= things didn't work out well)

work out
(for mathematical calculations)
   •   The total bill for three people is £84.60. That works out at £28.20 each.

something out
= calculate, think about a problem and find the answer
   •   345 x 76? I need to do this on paper. I can't work it out in my head.

Unit 139; Part C

galka.jpgOther verbs + out
carry out an order / an experiment / a survey / an investigation / a plan
   •   Soldiers are expected to carry out orders.
   •   An investigation into the accident will be carried out as soon as possible.

fall out
(with somebody)  = stop being friends
   •   They used to be very good friends. I'm surprised to hear that they have fallen out.
   •   David fell out with his father and left home.

find out
that/what/when ...
etc., find out about something = get information
   •   The police never found out who committed the murder.
   •   I've just found out that it's Helen's birthday today.
   •   I called the tourist office to find out about hotels in the town.

things out
= give to each person
   •   At the end of the lecture, the speaker gave out information sheets to the audience.

something out
(to somebody)  = draw attention to something
   •   As we drove through the city, our guide pointed out all the sights.
   •   I didn't realise I'd made a mistake until somebody pointed it out to me.

run out
(of something)
   •   We ran out of petrol on the motorway. 
(= we used all our petrol)

something out
= find a solution to, put in order
   •   There are a few problems we need to sort out.
   •   All these papers are mixed up. I'll have to sort them out.

turn out
to be ... / turn out good/nice etc. / turn out that ...
   •   Nobody believed Paul at first, but he turned out to be right.
  (= it became clear in the end that he was right)
   •   The weather wasn't so good in the morning, but it turned out nice later.
   •   I thought they knew each other, but it turned out that they'd never met.

try out
a machine, a system, a new idea
etc.  = test it to see if it is OK
   •   The company is trying out a new computer system at the moment.


flag.jpgWhich words can go together? Choose from the box.
Key.2    a mistake
3    a candle
4    an order
5    a cigarette / a candle
6    a new product
7    a mess

a candle       a cigarette       a light      a mess        a mistake        a new product        an order
1    turn out            a light           
2    point out _________________
3    blow out _________________
4    carry out _________________
5    put out _________________
6    try out _________________
7    sort out  _________________

flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a verb + out.
Key.2    works out
3    carried out
4    ran out
5    sort out
6    fid out
1    tried out
8    pointed out
9    work out
10  went out
11  turned out
12  works out
13  find out
14  put out

1    The company is    trying out    a new computer system at the moment.
2    Steve is very fit. He does a lot of sport and _________________ regularly.
3    The road will be closed for two days next week while building work is _________________.
4    We didn't manage to discuss everything at the meeting. We _________________ of time.
5    You have to _________________ the problem yourself. I can't do it for you.
6    I phoned the station to _________________ what time the train arrived.
7    The new drug will be _________________ on a small group of patients.
8    I thought the two books were the same until a friend of mine _________________ the difference.
9    They got married a few years ago but it didn't _________________, and they separated.
10  There was a power cut and all the lights _________________.
11  We thought she was American at first, but she _________________ to be Swedish.
12  Sometimes it _________________ cheaper to eat in a restaurant than to cook at home.
13  I haven't applied for the job yet. I want to _________________ more about the company first.
14  It took the fire brigade two hours to _________________ the fire.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Each time use a verb + out.
Key.2    try it out
3    work it out
4    sorted it out

1    A: Shall I leave the light on?
      B: No, you can    turn it out   .   
2    A: This recipe looks interesting.
     B: Yes, let's _______________________.
3    A: How much money do I owe you exactly?
     B: Just a moment. I'll have to _______________________.
4    A: What happened about your problem with your bank?
     B: It's OK now. I went to see them and we _______________________.

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