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Unit 138. Phrasal verbs 2. In / out

Unit 138; Part A

galka.jpgCompare in and out:

in = into a room, a building, a car etc.
   •   How did the thieves get in?
   •   Here's a key, so you can let yourself in.
   •   Sally walked up to the edge of the pool and dived in.
  (= into the water)
   •   I've got a new flat. I'm moving in on Friday.
   •   As soon as I got to the airport, I checked in.

out = out of a room, building, a car etc.
   •   He just stood up and walked out.
   •   I had no key, so I was locked out.
   •   She swam up and down the pool, and then climbed out.
   •   Tim opened the window and looked out.
(at a hotel) What time do we have to check out?

In the same way you can say go in, come in, walk in, break in etc.

Compare in and into:

   •   I'm moving in next week.
   •   I'm moving into my new flat on Friday.

In the same way you can say go out, get out, move out, let somebody out etc.

Compare out and out of:

   •   He walked out.
   •   He walked out of the room.

Unit 138; Part B

galka.jpgOther verbs + in
138.1.jpgdrop in / call in  = visit somebody for a short time without arranging to do this
   •   I dropped in to see Chris on my way home.

join in  = take part in an activity that is already going on
   •   We're playing a game. Why don't you join in.'

plug in an electrical machine = connect it to the electricity supply
   •   The fridge isn't working because you haven't plugged it in.

fill in
a form, a questionnaire
etc.  = write the necessary information on a form
   •   Please fill in the application form and send it to us by 28 February.

You can also say fill out a form.

take somebody in
  = deceive somebody
   •   The man said he was a policeman and I believed him. I was completely taken in.

Unit 138; Part C

galka.jpgOther verbs + out
eat out 
= eat at a restaurant, not at home
   •   There wasn't anything to eat at home, so we decided to eat out.

drop out
of college / university / a course / a race
= stop before you hare completely finished a course/race etc.
   •   Gary went to university but dropped out after a year.

get out
of something that you arranged to do
= avoid doing it
   •   I promised I'd go to the wedding. I don't want to go, but I can't get out of it now.

something out
(of a newspaper etc.)
   •   There was a beautiful picture in the magazine, so I cut it out and kept it.

something out
  = omit it, not include it
   •   In the sentence 'She said that she was ill', you can leave out the word 'that'.
cross something out / rub something out
   •   Some of the names on the list had been crossed out


flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a verb in the correct form.
Key.2    eats
3    moved
4    drop/call
5    checked
6    cut
7    plug
8    filling / to fill
9    left
10  dive
11  rub
12  dropped

1    Here's a key so that you can    let    yourself in.
2    Liz doesn't like cooking, so she _____________ out a lot.
3    Eve isn't living in this flat any more. She _____________ out a few weeks ago.
4    If you're in our part of town, you must _____________ in and see us.
5    When I _____________ in at the airport, I was told my flight would be delayed.
6    There were some advertisements in the paper that I wanted to keep, so I _____________ them out.
7    I wanted to iron some clothes, but there was nowhere to _____________ the iron in.
8    I hate _____________ in questionnaires.
9    Steve was upset because he'd been _____________ out of the team.
10  Be careful! The water's not very deep here, so don't _____________ in.
11  If you write in pencil and you make a mistake, you can _____________ it out.
12  Paul started doing a Spanish course, but he _____________ out after a few weeks.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences with in, into, out or out of.
Key.2    into
3    in
4    out
5    into
6    out of

1    I've got a new flat. I'm moving    in    on Friday.
2    We checked _______ the hotel as soon as we arrived.
3    As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we checked _______.
4    The car stopped and the driver got _______.
5    Thieves broke _______ the house while we were away.
6    Why did Sarah drop _______ college? Did she fail her exams?

flag.jpgComplete each sentence using a verb + in or out (of).
Key.2    dropped out
3    moved in
4    left out
5    joined in
6    eating out   or   to eat out
7    taken in
8    dropped in / called in
9    get out of

1    Sally walked to the edge of the pool,    dived in    and swam to the other end.
2    Not all the runners finished the race. Three of them _______________.
3    I went to see Joe and Sue in their new house. They _______________ last week.
4    I've told you everything you need to know. I don't think I've _______________ anything.
5    Some people in the crowd started singing. Then a few more people _______________ and soon everybody was singing.
6    We go to restaurants a lot. We like _______________.
7    Don't be _______________ by him. If I were you, I wouldn't believe anything he says.
8    I _______________ to see Laura a few days ago. She was fine.
9    A: Can we meet tomorrow morning at ten?
     B: Probably. I'm supposed to go to another meeting, but I think I can _______________ it.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use the word in brackets in the correct form.
Key.2    Fill them in   or   Fill them out
3    cross it out
4    took me in
5    let us in

1    A: The fridge isn't working.
     B: That's because you haven't     plugged it in    .  (plug)
2    A: What do I have to do with these forms?
     B: ____________________ and send them to this address.  (fill)
3    A: I've made a mistake on this form.
     B: That's all right. Just ____________________ and correct it.  (cross)
4    A: Did you believe the story they told you?
     B: Yes, I'm afraid they completely ____________________. (take)
5    A: Have you been to that new club in Bridge Street?
     B: We wanted to go there a few nights ago, but the doorman wouldn't ____________________ because we weren't members.  (let)

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