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Unit 135. Verb + preposition 4. Of / for / from / on

Unit 135; Part A

galka.jpgVerb + of
accuse / suspect
somebody OF ...
   •    Sue accused me of being selfish.
   •    Some students were suspected of cheating in the exam.

approve / disapprove OF ...

   •    His parents don't approve of what he does, but they can't stop him.

die OF (or FROM) an illness etc.
   •    'What did he die of?'    'A heart attack.'

consist OF ...

   •    We had an enormous meal. It consisted of seven courses.

Unit 135; Part B

galka.jpgVerb + fоr
(somebody) FOR ...
   •    I didn't have enough money to pay for the meal.
  (not pay the meal)
but   pay a bill / a fine / tax / rent / a sum of money etc.  (no preposition)
   •    I didn't have enough money to pay the rent.

thank / forgive
somebody FOR ...
   •    I'll never forgive them for what they did.

(to somebody) FOR ...
   •    When I realised I was wrong, I apologised
(to them) for my mistake.

somebody/something FOR ... , somebody is to blame FOR ...
   •    Everybody blamed me for the accident.
   •    Everybody said that I was to blame for the accident.

(a problem etc.) ON ...
   •    Everybody blamed the accident on me.

Unit 135; Part C

galka.jpgVerb + from
suffer FROM an illness
   •    The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased.

somebody/something FROM (or AGAINST) ...
   •    Sun block protects the skin from the sun.  (or ... against the sun.)

Unit 135; Part D

galka.jpgVerb + on
depend / rely ON ...

   •    'What time will you be home?'    'I don't know. It depends on the traffic.
   •    You саn rely on Jill. She always keeps her promises.

You can use depend + when/where/how
etc. with or without on:
   •    'Are you going to buy it?'    'It depends how much it is.'  (or It depends on how much)

live ON
   •    Michael's salary is very low. It isn't enough to live on.

congratulate / compliment
somebody ON ...
   •    I congratulated her ON her success in the exam.


flag.jpgComplete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
Key.2   for the misunderstanding
3   on winning the tournament
4   from/against his enemies
5   of eleven players
6   on bread and eggs

1    Sue said I was selfish. 
      Sue accused me    of being selfish   .   
2    The misunderstanding was my fault, so I apologised.
      I apologised _________________________.
3    Jane won the tournament, so I congratulated her.
      I congratulated Jane _________________________.
4    He has enemies, but he has a bodyguard to protect him.
      He has a bodyguard to protect him _________________________.
5    There are eleven players in a football team.
      A football team consists _________________________.
6    Sandra eats only bread and eggs.
      She lives _________________________.

flag.jpgComplete the second sentence using for or on. These sentences all have blame.
Key.2    for everything
3    for the economic crisis
4    on television
5    is to blame for the economic crisis
6    television is to blame for the increase in violent crime

1    Liz said that what happened was Joe's fault.
      Liz blamed Joe    for what happened   .   
2    You always say everything is my fault.
     You always blame me ___________________________.
3    Do you think the economic crisis is the fault of the government?
     Do you blame the government ___________________________?
4    I think the increase in violent crime is the fault of television.
     I blame the increase in violent crime ___________________________.

Now rewrite sentences 3 and 4 using to blame for.

5    (3)   Do you think the government ___________________________?
6    (4)   I think that ___________________________.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following verbs (in the correct form) + the correct preposition:
Key.2   paid for
3   accused of
4   depends on
5   live on
6   congratulated him on
7   apologise to
accuse       apologise       approve       congratulate       depend        live        pay
1    His parents don't    approve of   what he does, but they can't stop him.
2    When you went to the theatre with Paul, who _______________ the tickets?
3    It's not very pleasant when you are _______________ something you didn't do.
4    A: Are you going to the beach tomorrow?
     B: I hope so. It _______________ the weather.
5    Things are very cheap there. You can _______________ very little money.
6    When I saw David, I _______________ him _______________ passing his driving test.
7    You were very rude to Liz. Don't you think you should _______________ her?

flag.jpgPut in the correct preposition. If no prepositron is necessary, leave the space empty.
Key.2    from
3    on
4    of/from
5    for
6    for
7    -
8    on
9    on
10  -   or   on
11  from/against
12  of

1    Some students were suspected    of    cheating in the exam.
2    Sally is often not well. She suffers _____ very bad headaches.
3    You know that you can rely _____ me if you ever need any help.
4    It is terrible that some people are dying _____ hunger while others eat too much.
5    Are you going to apologise _____ what you did?
6    The accident was my fault, so I had to pay _____ the repairs.
7    I didn't have enough money to pay _____ the bill.
8    I complimented her _____ her English. She spoke very fluently and her pronunciation was excellent.
9    She hasn't got a job. She depends _____ her parents for money.
10  I don't know whether I'll go out tonight. It depends _____ how I feel.
11  They wore warm clothes to protect themselves _____ the cold.
12  The apartment consists _____ three rooms, a kitchen and bathroom.

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