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Unit 134. Verb + preposition 3. About and of

Unit 134; Part A

galka.jpgdream ABOUT ... (when you are asleep)
    •    I dreamt about you last night.

dream OF/ABOUT
being something / doing something
= imagine
    •    Do you dream of/about being rich and famous?

(I) wouldn't dream OF
doing something
= I would never do it
    •    'Don't tell anyone what I said.'    'No, I wouldn't dream of it.' 
(= I would never do it)

Unit 134; Part B

galka.jpghear ABOUT ...  = be told about something
    •    Did you hear about what happened at the club on Saturday night?

hear OF ...
  = know that somebody/something exists
    •    'Who is Tom Hart?'    'I have no idea. I've never heard of him'.
  (not heard from him)

hear FROM ...
  = receive a letter, phone call or message from somebody
    •    'Have you heard from Jane recently?'    'Yes, she phoned a few days ago.'

Unit 134; Part C

galka.jpgthink ABOUT ... and think OF ...
When you think ABOUT something, you consider it, you concentrate your mind on it:
    •    I've thought about what you said and I've decided to take your advice.
    •    'Will you lend me the money?'    'I'll think about it.'

When you think OF something, the idea comes to your mind:

    •    He told me his name, but I can't think of it now.  (not think about it)
    •    That's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?
  (not think about that)

We also use think of when we ask or give an opinion:
    •    'What did you think of the film?'    'I didn't think much of it.'
  (= I didn't like it much)

The difference is sometimes very small and you can use of or about:

    •    When I'm alone, I often think of (or about) you.

You can say think of or think about doing something
(for possible future actions):
    •    My sister is thinking of (or about) going to Canada.  (= she is considering it)

Unit 134; Part D

galka.jpgremind somebody ABOUT ...  = tell somebody not to forget
    •    I'm glad you reminded me about the meeting. I'd completely forgotten about it.

remind somebody
OF ...  = cause somebody to remember
    •    This house reminds me of the one I lived in when I was a child.
    •    Look at this photograph of Richard. Who does he remind you of?

Unit 134; Part E

galka.jpgcomplain (TO somebody) ABOUT ...  = say that you are not satisfied
    •    We complained to the manager of the restaurant about the food.

complain OF
a pain, an illness
etc.  = say that you have a pain etc.
    •    We called the doctor because George was complaining of a pain in his stomach.

Unit 134; Part F

galka.jpgwarn somebody ABOUT a person or thing which is bad, dangerous, unusual etc.

    •    I knew he was a strange person. I had been warned about him.  (not warned of him)
    •    Vicky warned me about the traffic. She said it would be bad.

somebody ABOUT/OF a danger, something bad which might happen later

    •    Scientists have warned us about/of the effects of global warming.


flag.jpgPut in the correct preposition.
Key.2   about
3   to us about
4   of
5   of
6   about ... about ... about ... about
7   of
8   about
9   about/of

1    Did you hear    about    what happened at the party on Saturday?
2    'I had a strange dream last night.'    'Did you? What did you dream _____________?'
3    Our neighbours complained _____________ us _____________ the noise we made last night.
4    Kevin was complaining _____________ pains in his chest, so he went to the doctor.
5    I love this music. It reminds me _____________ a warm day in spring.
6   He loves his job. He thinks _____________ his job all the time, hedreams _____________ it, he talks _____________ it and I'm fed up withhearing _____________ it.
7    I tried to remember the name of the book, but I couldn't think _____________ it.
8    Jackie warned me _____________ the water. She said it wasn't safe to drink.
9    We warned our children _____________ the dangers of playing in the street.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following verbs (in the correct form) + the correct preposition:
Key.2   complaining about
3   think about
4   warn you about
5   heard of
6   dream of
7   reminded me about
8   remind you of

complain       dream        hear       remind        remind        think       think       warn
1    That's a good idea. Why didn't I    think of   that?
2    Bill is never satisfied. He is always ____________ something.
3    I can't make a decision yet. I need time to ____________ your proposal.
4    Before you go into the house, I must ____________ you ____________ the dog. He is very aggressive sometimes, so be careful.
5    She's not a well-known singer. Not many people have ____________ her.
6    A: You wouldn't go away without telling me, would you?
      B: Of course not. I wouldn't ____________ it.
7    I would have forgotten my appointment if Jane hadn't ____________ me ____________ it.
8    Do you see that man over there? Does he ____________ you ____________ anybody you know?

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using hear or heard + the correct preposition (about/of/from).
Key.2   hear about
3   heard from
4   heard of
5   hear from
6   hear about
7   heard of

1    I've never    heard of    Tom Hart. Who is he?
2    'Did you ___________ the accident last night?'    'Yes, Vicky told me.'
3    Jill used to phone quite often, but I haven't ___________ her for a long time now.
4    A: Have you ___________ a writer called William Hudson?
     B: No, I don't think so. What sort of writer is he?
5    Thank you for your letter. It was good to ___________ you again.
6    'Do you want to ___________ our holiday?'    'Not now. Tell me later.'
7    I live in a small town in the north of England. You've probably never ___________ it.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using think about or think of. Sometimes both about and of are possible. Use the correct form of think (think/thinking/thought).
Key.2   think about
3   think of
4   think of
5   thinking of/about
6   think of
7   thought about
8   think much of
9   thinking about/of

1    You look serious. What are you    thinking about   ?
2    I like to have time to make decisions. I like to _________________ things carefully.
3    I don't know what to get Sarah for her birthday. Can you _________________ anything?
4    A: I've finished reading the book you lent me.
     B: Have you? What did you _________________ it? Did you like it?
5    We're _________________ going out for a meal this evening. Would you like to come?
6    I don't really want to go out with Tom tonight. I'll have to _________________ an excuse.
7   When I was offered the job, I didn't accept immediately. I went awayand _________________ it for a while. In the end I decided to take thejob.
8    I don't _________________ much _________________ this coffee. It's like water.
9    Carol is very homesick. She's always _________________ her family back home.

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