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Unit 133. Verb + preposition 2. About / for / of / after

Unit 133; Part A

galka.jpgVerb + about
talk / read / know ABOUT ...
, tell somebody ABOUT ...
       We talked about a lot of things at the meeting.

have a discussion ABOUT
but discuss something (no preposition)
       We had a discussion about what we should do.
       We discussed a lot of things at the meeting.
  (not discussed about)

something ABOUT something
= do something to improve a bad situation
       If you're worried about the problem, you should do something about it.

Unit 133; Part B

galka.jpgCare about, care for and take care of
care ABOUT somebody/something
= think that somebody/something is important
       He's very selfish. He doesn't care about other people.

We say 'care what/where/how ...'
etc.  (without about)
       You can do what you like. I don't care what you do.

care FOR

(1)    = like something (usually in questions and negative sentences)
       Would you care for a cup of coffee?  (= Would you like ... ?)
       I don't care for very hot weather.  (= I don't like ...)
(2)    = look after somebody
       Alan is 85 and lives alone. He needs somebody to care for him.

take care OF ... 
= look after
       Have a nice holiday. Take care of yourself! 
(= look after yourself)

Unit 133; Part C

galka.jpgVerb + for
ask (somebody) FOR ...
       I wrote to the company asking them for more information about the job.

but   'I asked him the way to ...', 'She asked me my name (no preposition)

(TO a person, a company etc.) FOR a job etc.
       I think you'd be good at this job. Why don't you apply for it?

wait FOR...

       Don't wait for me. I'll join you later.
       I'm not going out yet. I'm waiting for the rain to stop.

(a person / a place / a bag etc.) FOR ...
       I've searched the house for my keys, but I still can't find them.

(a place) FOR another place
       I haven't seen her since she left (home) for the office this morning.
(not left to the office)

Unit 133; Part D

galka.jpgLook for and look after
look FOR ... 
= search for, try to find
       I've lost my keys. Can you help me to look for them?

look AFTER ...
  = take care of
       Alan is 85 and lives alone. He needs somebody to look after him.
  (not look for)
       You can borrow this book, but you must promise to look after it.


flag.jpgPut in the correct preposition. If no preposition is necessary, leave the space empty.
Key.2   for
3   for
4   to
5   for
6   about
7   -
8   about
9   -
10 for
11 for
12 about
13 for
14 for

1    I'm not going out yet. I'm waiting    for    the rain to stop.
2    I couldn't find the street I was looking for, so I stopped someone to ask _____ directions.
3    I've applied _____ a job at the factory. I don't know if I'll get it.
4    I've applied _____ three colleges. I hope one of them accepts me.
5    I've searched everywhere _____ John, but I haven't been able to find him.
6    I don't want to talk _____ what happened last night. Let's forget it.
7    I don't want to discuss _____ what happened last night. Let's forget it.
8    We had an interesting discussion _____ the problem, but we didn't reach a decision.
9    We discussed _____ the problem, but we didn't reach a decision.
10  I don't want to go out yet. I'm waiting _____ the post to arrive.
11  Ken and Sonia are touring Italy. They're in Rome at the moment, but tomorrow they leave _____ Venice.
12  The roof of the house is in very bad condition. I think we ought to do something _____ it.
13  We waited _____ Steve for half an hour, but he never came.
14  Tomorrow morning I have to catch a plane. I'm leaving my house _____ the airport at 7.30.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences with the following verbs (in the correct form) + preposition:
Key.2    waiting for
3    talk about
4    asked the waiter for
5    applied for
6    do something about
7    looks after    or    has looked after
8    left Boston for

apply       ask        do       leave       look       search       talk        wait
1    Police are   searching for    the man who escaped from prison.
2    We're still _______________ a reply to our letter. We haven't heard anything yet.
3    I think Ben likes his job, but he doesn't _______________ it much.
4    When I'd finished my meal, I _______________ the waiter _______________ the bill.
5    Cathy is unemployed. She has _______________ several jobs, but she hasn't had any luck.
6    If something is wrong, why don't you _______________ something _______________ it?
7    Linda's car is very old, but it's in excellent condition. She _______________ it very well.
8    Diane is from Boston, but now she lives in Paris. She _______________ Boston _______________ Paris when she was 19.

flag.jpgPut in the correct preposition after care. If no preposition is necessary, leave the space empty.
Key.2    for
3    about
4    of
5    for
6    of
7    about
8    -

1    He's very selfish. He doesn't care    about    other people.
2    Are you hungry? Would you care ________ something to eat?
3    She doesn't care ________ the exam. She doesn't care whether she passes or fails.
4    Please let me borrow your camera. I promise I'll take good care ________ it.
5    'Do you like this coat?'   'Not really. I don't care ________ the colour.'
6    Don't worry about the shopping. I'll take care ________ that.
7    I want to have a good holiday. I don't care ________ the cost.
8    I want to have a good holiday. I don't care ________ how much it costs.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences with look for or look after. Use the correct form of look (looks/looked/looking).
Key.2   looking for
3   looked after
4   looking for
5   look for
6   looks after

1    I     looked for    my keys, but I couldn't find them anywhere.
2    Kate is _____________ a job. I hope she finds one soon.
3    Who _____________ you when you were ill?
4    I'm _____________ Elizabeth. Have you seen her?
5    The car park was full, so we had to _____________ somewhere else to park.
6    A babysitter is somebody who _____________ other people's children.

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