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Unit 131. Adjective + preposition 2

Unit 131; Part A

galka.jpgAdjective + of (1)
afraid / frightened / terrified / scared OF ...

      'Are you afraid of spiders?'    'Yes, I'm terrified of them.'

fond / proud / ashamed / jealous / envious OF ...

      Why are you always so jealous of other people?

suspicious / critical / tolerant OF ...

      He didn't trust me. He was suspicious of my intentions.

Unit 131; Part B

galka.jpgAdjective + of (2)
aware / conscious OF ...

      'Did you know he was married?'    'No, I wasn't aware of that.'

capable / incapable OF ...

      I'm sure you are capable of passing the examination.

full / short OF...
      The letter I wrote was full of mistakes.
  (not full with)
      I'm a bit short of money. Can you lend me some?

typical OF ...

      He's late again. It's typical of him to keep everybody waiting.

tired / sick OF ...

      Come on, let's go! I'm tired of waiting. 
(= I've had enough of waiting)

certain / sure OF or ABOUT ...

      I think she's arriving this evening, but I'm not sure of that. 
or  ... sure about that.

Unit 131; Part C

galka.jpgAdjective + at / to / from / in / on / with / for
good / bad / brilliant / better / hopeless
etc. AT ...
      I'm not very good at repairing things. 
(not good in repairing things)

married / engaged TO ...

      Linda is married to an American. 
(not married with)
but  Linda is married with three children(= she is married and has three children)

similar TO ...

      Your writing is similar to mine.

different FROM
or different TO ...
      The film was different from what I'd expected. 
(or different to what I'd expected.)

interested IN ...

      Are you interested in art?

keen ON ...

      We stayed at home because Chris wasn't very keen on going out.

dependent ON ...
(but independent OF ...)
      I don't want to be dependent on anybody.

crowded WITH
(people etc.)
      The streets were crowded with tourists. 
(but full of tourists)

famous FOR ...

      The Italian city of Florence is famous for its art treasures.

responsible FOR ...

      Who was responsible for all that noise last night?


flag.jpgComplete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.
Key.2   of furniture
3   on sport
4   of time
5   at tennis
6   to a Russian (man)
7   of him / of Robert
8   from yours / to yours

1    There were lots of tourists in the streets.
      The streets were crowded     with tourists   .   
2    There was a lot of furniture in the room.
      The room was full _________________.
3    I don't like sport very much.
      I'm not very keen _________________.
4    We don't have enough time.
      We're a bit short _________________.
5    I'm not a very good tennis player.
      I'm not very good _________________.
6    Catherine's husband is Russian.
      Catherine is married _________________.
7    I don't trust Robert.
      I'm suspicious _________________.
8    My problem is not the same as yours.
      My problem is different _________________.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following adjectives + the correct preposition:
Key.2   similar to
3   afraid of
4   interested in
5   responsible for
6   proud of
7   different from/to

afraid        different        interested        proud        responsible       similar       sure
1    I think she's arriving this evening, but I'm not    sure of    that.
2    Your camera is ______________ mine, but it isn't exactly the same.
3    Don't worry. I'll look after you. There's nothing to be ______________.
4    I never watch the news on television. I'm not ______________ the news.
5    The editor is the person who is ______________ what appears in a newspaper.
6    Sarah is a keen gardener. She's very ______________ her garden and loves showing it to visitors.
7    I was surprised when I met Lisa for the first time. She was ______________ what I expected.

flag.jpgPut in the correct preposition.
Key.2    for
3    of
4    of
5    in
6    to
7    of... of
8    on
9    of
10  with
11  of
12  of
13  in
14  of
15  of
16  at
17  of
18  on
19  of

1    The letter I wrote was full     of     mistakes.
2    My home town is not an especially interesting place. It's not famous ______ anything.
3    Kate is very fond ______ her younger brother.
4    I don't like going up ladders. I'm scared ______ heights.
5    You look bored. You don't seem interested ______ what I'm saying.
6    Did you know that Liz is engaged ______ a friend of mine?
7    I'm not ashamed ______ what I did. In fact I'm quite proud ______ it.
8    I suggested that we should all go out for a meal, but nobody else was keen ______ the idea.
9    These days everybody is aware ______ the dangers of smoking.
10  The station platform was crowded ______ people waiting for the train.
11  Sue is much more successful than I am. Sometimes I feel a bit jealous ______ her.
12  I'm tired ______ doing the same thing every day. I need a change.
13  Do you know anyone who might be interested ______ buying an old car?
14  We've got plenty to eat. The fridge is full ______ food.
15  She is a very honest person. I don't think she is capable ______ telling a lie.
16  Helen works hard and she's extremely good ______ her job.
17  I'm not surprised he changed his mind at the last moment. That's typical ______ him.
18  Mark has no money of his own. He's totally dependent ______ his parents.
19  We're short ______ staff in our office at the moment. We need more people to do the work.

flag.jpgWrite sentences about yourself. Are you good at these things or not? Use the following:
Key.Example answers:
2   l'm hopeless at telling jokes.
3   I'm not very good at mathematics.
4   I'm quite good at remembering names.
good    quite good    not very good    hopeless
1    (repairing things)      I'm not very good at repairing things.   
2    (telling jokes)  ______________________________________
3    (mathematics)  ______________________________________
4    (remembering names)  ______________________________________

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