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Unit 130. Adjective + preposition 1

Unit 130; Part A

galka.jpgIt was nice of you to ...
nice / kind / good / generous / polite / stupid / silly
etc. OF somebody (to do something)
   •    Thank you. It was very kind of you to help me.
   •    It is stupid of me to go out without a coat in such cold weather.

but (be) nice / kind / good / generous / polite / rude / friendly / cruel etc. TO somebody
   •    They have always been very nice to me.  (not with me)
   •    Why were you so unfriendly to Lucy?

Unit 130; Part B

galka.jpgAdjective + about / with
angry / annoyed / furious  
ABOUT something
WITH somebody FOR doing something
   •    It's stupid to get angry about things that don't matter.
   •    Are you annoyed with me for being late?

excited / worried / upset / nervous / happy
etc. ABOUT a situation
   •    Are you excited about going away next week?
   •    Lisa is upset about not being invited to the party.

delighted / pleased / satisfied / happy / disappointed WITH
something you receive, or the result of something

   •    I was delighted with the present you gave me.
   •    Were you happy with your exam results?

Unit 130; Part C

galka.jpgAdjective + at / by / with
surprised / shocked / amazed / astonished AT / BY

   •    Everybody was surprised AT (or BY) the news.
   •    I hope you weren't shocked BY (or AT) what I said.

impressed WITH / BY

   •    I'm very impressed with (or by) her English. It's very good.

fed up / bored WITH
   •    I don't enjoy my job any more. I'm fed up with it. / I'm bored with it.

Unit 130; Part D

galka.jpgSorry about / for
sorry ABOUT a situation or something that happened
   •    I'm sorry about the mess. I'll clear it up later.
   •    We're all sorry about Julie losing her job.

sorry FOR / ABOUT
something you did
   •    Alex is very sorry for what he said.
  (or sorry about what he said)
   •    I'm sorry for shouting at you yesterday.  (or sorry about shouting)

You can also say 'I'm sorry I (did something)':

   •    I'm sorry I shouted at you yesterday.

feel / be sorry FOR
somebody who is in a bad situation
   •    I feel sorry for Matt. He's had a lot of bad luck. 
(not I feel sorry about Matt)


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following adjectives + the correct preposition:
Key.2    kind to   
3    sorry for   
4    annoyed with
5    annoyed about
6    impressed by/with
7    bored with (or bored by)
8    astonished  at/by

annoyed       annoyed       astonished       bored       excited       impressed        kind        sorry
1    Are you    excited about    going away next week?
2    Thank you for all your help. You've been very __________________ me.
3    I wouldn't like to be in her position. I feel __________________ her.
4    What have I done wrong? Why are you __________________ me?
5    Why do you always get so __________________ things that don't matter?
6    I wasn't very __________________ the service in the restaurant. We had to wait ages before our food arrived.
7    Ben isn't very happy at college. He says he's __________________ the course he's doing.
8    I had never seen so many people before. I was __________________ the crowds.

flag.jpgPut in the correct preposition.
Key.2    of   
3    to ... to   
4    of   
5    of   
6    with   
7    to   
8    with
9    at/by
10  with
11  about
12  about
13  sorry for/about ... angry with
14  furious with us for making
15  about
16  about
17  at/by
18  by/with
19  about
20  about
21  for

1    I was delighted    with    the present you gave me.
2    It was very nice ________ you to do my shopping for me. Thank you very much.
3    Why are you always so rude ________ your parents? Can't you be nice ________ them?
4    It was careless ________ you to leave the door unlocked when you went out.
5    They didn't reply to our letter, which wasn't very polite ________ them.
6    We always have the same food every day. I'm fed up ________ it.
7    I can't understand people who are cruel ________ animals.
8    We enjoyed our holiday, but we were a bit disappointed ________ the hotel.
9    I was surprised ________ the way he behaved. It was completely out of character.
10  I've been trying to learn Spanish, but I'm not very satisfied ________ my progress.
11  Linda doesn't look very well. I'm worried ________ her.
12  Are you angry ________ what happened?
13  I'm sorry ________ what I did. I hope you're not angry ________ me.
14  The people next door are furious ________ us ________ making so much noise last night.
15  Jill starts her new job next week. She's quite excited ________ it.
16  I'm sorry ________ the smell of paint in this room. I've just decorated it.
17  I was shocked ________ what I saw. I'd never seen anything like it before.
18  The man we interviewed for the job was intelligent, but we weren't very impressed ________ his appearance.
19  Are you still upset ________ what I said to you yesterday?
20  He said he was sorry ________ the situation, but there was nothing he could do.
21 I felt sorry ________ the children when we went on holiday. It rainedevery day and they had to spend most of the time indoors.

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