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Unit 127. In / at / on (other uses)

Unit 127; Part A

galka.jpgExpressions with in
in the rain / in the sun
(= sunshine) / in the shade / in the dark / in bad weather etc.
      We sat in the shade. It was too hot to sit in the sun.
      Don't go out in the rain. Wait until it stops.

(write) in ink / in biro / in pencil

      When you do the exam, you're not allowed to write in pencil.

Also  (write) in words / in figures / in BLOCK CAPITALS
      Please write your name in block capitals.
      Write the story in your own words.
  (= don't copy somebody else)

(be/fall) in love (with somebody)
      Have you ever been in love with anybody?

in (my) opinion
      In my opinion, the film wasn't very good.

Unit 127; Part B

127.1.jpggalka.jpgAt the age of ... etc.                                                                                 
We say 'at the age of 16 /at 120 miles an hour /at 100 degrees etc.':
      Tracy left school at 16.  or  ... at the age of 16. 
      The train was travelling at 120 miles an hour.
      Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

Unit 127; Part C

galka.jpgOn holiday / on a tour etc.
We say: (be/go) on holiday / on business / on a trip / on a tour / on a cruise
      I'm going on holiday next week.
      Emma's away on business at the moment.
      One day I'd like to go on a world tour.

You can also say 'go to a place for a holiday / for my holiday(s)':

      Steve has gone to France for a holiday.

Unit 127; Part D

galka.jpgOther expressions with on
on television / on the radio

      I didn't watch the news on television, but I heard it on the radio.

on the phone/telephone

      I've never met her, but I've spoken to her on the phone a few times.

(be/go) on strike
      There are no trains today. The drivers are on strike.

(be/go) on a diet
      I've put on a lot of weight. I'll have to go on a diet.

(be) on fire
      Look! That car is on fire.

on the whole
(= in general)
      Sometimes I have problems at work, but on the whole I enjoy my job.

on purpose
(= intentionally)
      I'm sorry. I didn't mean to annoy you. I didn't do it on purpose.


flag.jpgComplete the sentences using in + the following:
Key.2   in cold weather
3   in pencil
4   in love
5   in block capitals
6   in the shade
7   in my opinion

block capitals   cold weather    love            my opinion
pencil               the rain           the shade
1    Don't go out    in the rain   . Wait until it stops.
2    Matt likes to keep warm, so he doesn't go out much _________________.
3    If you write _________________ and make a mistake, you can rub it out and correct it.
4    They fell _________________ almost immediately and were married in a few weeks.
5    Please write your address clearly, preferably _________________.
6    It's too hot in the sun. I'm going to sit _________________.
7    Amanda thought the restaurant was OK, but _________________ it wasn't very good.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences using on + the following:
Key.2    on strike
3    on a tour
4    on television
5    on purpose
6    on a diet
7    on business
8    on holiday
9    on the phone
10  on the whole

business    a diet     fire             holiday    the phone
purpose     strike     television    a tour      the whole
1    Look! That car is    on fire    ! Somebody call the fire brigade.
2    Workers at the factory have gone ____________ for better pay and conditions.
3    Soon after we arrived, we were taken ____________ of the city.
4    I feel lazy this evening. Is there anything worth watching ____________?
5    I'm sorry. It was an accident. I didn't do it ____________.
6    Richard has put on a lot of weight recently. I think he should go ____________.
7    Jane's job involves a lot of travelling. She often has to go away ____________.
8    A: I'm going ____________ next week.
      B: Where are you going? Somewhere nice?
9    A: Is Sarah here?
     B: Yes, but she's ____________ at the moment. She won't be long.
10  A: How was your exam?
      B: Well, there were some difficult questions, but ____________ it was OK.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences with on, in, at or for.
Key.2    on
3    on
4    at
5    in
6    on
7    for   or   on
8    on
9    at
10  at
11  on
12  In my opinion ... on television
13  on
14  on
15  on
16  at
17  on
18  in

1    Water boils    at     100 degrees Celsius.
2    When I was 14, I went _____ a trip to France organised by my school.
3    There was panic when people realised that the building was _____ fire.
4    Julia's grandmother died recently _____ the age of 79.
5    Can you turn the light on, please? I don't want to sit _____ the dark.
6    We didn't go _____ holiday last year. We stayed at home.
7    I'm going to Switzerland _____ a short holiday next month.
8    I won't be here next week. I'll be _____ holiday.
9    Technology has developed _____ great speed.
10  Alan got married _____ 17, which is rather young to get married.
11  I heard an interesting programme _____ the radio this morning.
12  _____ my opinion, violent films should not be shown _____ television.
13  I wouldn't like to go _____ a cruise. I think I'd get bored.
14  I mustn't eat too much. I'm supposed to be _____ a diet.
15  I wouldn't like his job. He spends most of his time talking _____ the phone.
16  The earth travels round the sun _____ 107,000 kilometres an hour.
17  'Did you enjoy your holiday?'    'Not every minute, but _____ the whole, yes.'
18  When you write a cheque, you have to write the amount _____ words and figures.

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