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Unit 124. In / at / on (position) 2


flag.jpgAnswer the questions about the pictures. Use in, at or on with the words below the pictures.
Key.2  On the second floor.
3  At/On the corner.
4  In the corner.
5  At the top of the stairs.
6  In the back of the car.
7  At the front.
8  On the left.
9  In the back row.
10 On a farm.

1    Where does Sue work?      In the sales department.    
2    Sue lives in this building. Where's her flat exactly? ______________________
3    Where is the woman standing? ______________________
4    Where is the man standing? ______________________
5    Where's the cat? ______________________
6    Where's the dog? ______________________
7    Liz is in this group of people. Where is she? ______________________
8    Where's the post office? ______________________
9    Gary is at the cinema. Where is he sitting? ______________________
10  Where does Kate work? ______________________
flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use in, at or on + the following:
Key.2    On the right
3    in the world
4    on the way to work
5    on the west coast
6    in the front row
7    at the back of the class
6    on the back of this card

the west coast   the world     the back of the class    the sky
the front row       the right      the back of this card     the way to work
1    It was a lovely day. There wasn't a cloud    in the sky  .   
2    In most countries people drive _____________.
3    What is the tallest building _____________?
4    I usually buy a newspaper _____________ in the morning.
5    San Francisco is _____________ of the United States.
6    We went to the theatre last night. We had seats _____________.
7    I couldn't hear the teacher. She spoke quietly and I was sitting _____________.
8    I don't have your address. Could you write it _____________?
flag.jpgComplete the sentences with in, at or on.
Key.2    in
3    in
4    at
5    in
6    on
7    At
8    in
9    in
10  on
11  in
12  on
13  in
14  on ... on

1    Write your name    at    the top of the page.
2    Is your sister ____ this photograph? I don't recognise her.
3    I didn't feel very well when I woke up, so I stayed ____ bed.
4    We normally use the front entrance to the building, but there's another one ____ the back.
5    Is there anything interesting ____ the paper today?
6    There was a list of names, but my name wasn't ____ the list.
7    ____ the end of the street, there is a path leading to the river.
8    I love to look up at the stars ____ the sky at night.
9    When I'm a passenger in a car, I prefer to sit ____ the front.
10  It's a very small village. You probably won't find it ____ your map.
11  Joe works ____ the furniture department of a large store.
12  Paris is ____ the river Seine.
13  I don't like cities. I'd much prefer to live ____ the country.
14  My office is ____ the top floor. It's ____ the left as you come out of the lift.

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