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Unit 123. In / at / on (position) 1

Unit 123; Part A


   •    There's no-one in the room / in the building / in the garden.
   •    What have you got in your hand / in your mouth?
   •    When we were in Italy, we spent a few days in Venice.
   •    I have a friend who lives in a small village in the mountains.
   •    There were some people swimming in the pool / in the sea / in the river.

Unit 123; Part B


   •    Do you know that man standing at the door / at the window?
   •    Turn left at the traffic lights / at the church / at the roundabout.
   •    We have to get off the bus at the next stop.
   •    When you leave the hotel, please leave your key at reception.
  (= at the reception desk)

Unit 123; Part C


   •    I sat on the floor / on the ground / on the grass / on the beach / on a chair.
   •    There's a dirty mark on the wall / on the ceiling / on your nose / on your shirt.
   •    Have you seen the notice on the notice board / on the door?
   •    You'll find details of TV programmes on page seven (of the newspaper).
   •    The hotel is on a small island in the middle of the lake.

Unit 123; Part D

galka.jpgCompare in and at:

123.4.jpg   •    There were a lot of people in the shop. It was very crowded. Go along this road, then turn left at the shop.
   •    I'll meet you in the hotel lobby.
        I'll meet you at the entrance to the hotel.

Compare in and on:

   •    There is some water in the bottle.
       There is a label on the bottle.

Compare at and on:

   •    There is somebody at the door. Shall I go and see who it is?
        There is a notice on the door. It says 'Do not disturb'.


flag.jpgAnswer the questions about the pictures. Use in, at or on with the words below the pictures.
Key.2    On his arm.    or   On the man's arm.
3    At the traffic lights.
4    a   On the door.
      b   In the door.
5    On the wall.
6    In Paris.
7    a   At the gate.
      b   On the gate.
8    On the beach.

1    Where's the label?      On the bottle.    
2    Where's the fly? _________________
3    Where is the car waiting? _________________
4    a  Where's the notice? _________________
      b  Where's the key? _________________
5    Where are the shelves? _________________
6    Where's the Eiffel Tower? _________________
7    a  Where's the man standing? _________________
     b  Where's the bird? _________________
8    Where are the children playing? _________________

flag.jpgComplete the sentences. Use in, at or on + the following:
Key.2    on my guitar
3    at the next garage
4    in your coffee
5    on that tree
6    in the mountains
7    on the island
8    at the window
the window   your coffee    the mountains    that tree
my guitar      the river        the island          the next garage
1    Look at those people swimming   in the river  .   
2    One of the strings _____________ is broken.
3    There's something wrong with the car. We'd better stop _____________.
4    Would you like sugar _____________?
5    The leaves _____________ are a beautiful colour.
6    Last year we had a wonderful skiing holiday _____________.
7    There's nobody living _____________. It's uninhabited.
8    He spends most of the day sitting _____________ and looking outside.

flag.jpgComplete the sentences with in, at or on.
Key.2    on
3    at 
4    on
5    in
6    on
7    at
8    in a small village in the south-west
9    on
10  in
11  on the wall in the kitchen
12  at

1    There was a long queue of people    at    the bus stop.
2    Nicola was wearing a silver ring _____ her little finger.
3    There was an accident _____ the crossroads this morning.
4    I wasn't sure whether I had come to the right office. There was no name _____ the door.
5    There are some beautiful trees _____ the park.
6    You'll find the sports results _____ the back page of the newspaper.
7    I wouldn't like an office job. I couldn't spend the whole day sitting _____ a desk.
8    My brother lives _____ a small village _____ the south-west of England.
9    The man the police are looking for has a scar _____ his right cheek.
10  The headquarters of the company are _____ Milan.
11  I like that picture hanging _____ the wall _____ the kitchen.
12  If you come here by bus, get off _____ the stop after the traffic lights.

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