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Самые распространенные ошибки в произношении

Tip of tongue behind top teeth./t/"tie"/d/"die"
Move tongue to a lower front position./æ/"man"/e/"men"
Keep mouth round and tongue back./ɒ/"not"/əʊ/"note"
Tongue low, back & fixed. Jaws together./ɔ:/"bought"/əʊ/"boat"
Fix tongue in central position. Long./ɜ:/"bird"  
Unvoiced. Use more air. Trap it with lips./p/"pit"/b/"bit"
Unvoiced. Trap air with both lips./p/"pill"/f/"fill"
Voiced. Vibration. Trap air with lips./b/"bill"/p/"pill"
Spread lips more and keep tongue high./i:/"seat"/ɪ/"sit"
Voiced. Friction. Tongue between teeth./ð/"they"/d/"day"
Quickly push air from throat out of mouth./h/"hot" "ch" in "loch"
Tip of tongue behind top teeth./d/"made"/t/"mate"
Tongue touches alveolar ridge. Nasal./n/"sun"  
Voiced stop: back of tongue to back roof./ŋ/ + /g/"thing"/ŋ/ + /k/"think"
Back of tongue to back roof. Nasal./ŋ/ + /k/"think"/ŋ/ + /g/"thin" + k or g
Tongue touches hard palate./l/"light" (clear)/r/"right"
Contact. Brief "schwa" after release./ɫ/"tall" (dark l)  
Start with lips tightly rounded. Unround & glide./w/"west"/v/"vest"
Voiceless. Friction. Tongue between teeth./θ/"thin"/s/"sin"

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